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It is disheartening to realize that people find comfort in the slander of others -- even more disappointing that an obviously intelligent person like Herrera contributes to this, seeming to believe, I suppose, that the only possibility for success lies therein.

Lea Minx

Keeping Abreast of the Times

Bare bore: Regarding Patricia Calhoun's "Boob Tube," in the February 5 issue:

The Super Bowl halftime performance didn't offend me morally nearly as much as it offended me intellectually. Certainly it was crude, but worse in my book is that it was boring, sophomoric crap. Like so much of what passes as entertainment these days, there was nothing about it that could be described as interesting, smart, original or creative. It is not surprising that these performers go for shock value when they are so lacking in artistic value. They've got to do something to get our attention. The goal seems to be to titillate; how unfortunate that none of that titillation is aimed at that so-neglected organ, the brain.

We should be less concerned about too much sexual content in pop culture, and much more concerned about too little intellectual content. It is upon the latter that we should focus our outrage. The mind-numbing vapidity of so much of what is served up as entertainment is a much greater danger to our children than being exposed to a bare breast.

Ava Chappell

Pray as you go: Amen to Keith Badgett's letter in the February 12 issue: Focus on your own damn family! I could not have spoken more eloquently myself, and I usually am not at a loss for words.

Robert Baca-Bower

Impeaching Mr. President

Design of the times: Thanks for publishing Michael Paglia's item about the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design ("Promises and Threats," January 22) and for putting some heat on "Mr. President" and his performance here. As a student, I feel he cares about what he wants and not what the student body wants -- even though we pay his check. The staff presents him as a friend to go talk to, but that is all a mirage in my book.

Name withheld on request

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