Letters to the Editor

Sexist Marks the Spot

Musgrave reservations: Westword is a publication that I enjoy reading, and I will continue to do so. It functions much in the same way that Radio 1190 in Boulder does, providing a useful forum for viewpoints that otherwise would be ignored.

In a letter in the March 4 issue, Sonya Decman accuses Patrick Osborn of sexist abuses in his Drunk of the Week column. While she has a point, Osborn's opinions pale in comparison to the attack on Marilyn Musgrave in that same issue's Off Limits. To understand that this column was written by a female does nothing to lessen this incredibly sexist statement: "The only reasonable explanation for Marilyn Musgrave, our marriage-minded congresswoman, is that she needs to get laid." How interesting that a woman ceases to be extended protection against sexist attack when her politics no longer link up with the liberal cause du jour.

While Congresswoman Musgrave's cause is one that I personally do not champion, the argument at hand deals with the need to respect others and their choices. While I am a conservative person, I would like to think that I am respectful of others' beliefs, whether I view them as flawed or not. I cannot accept sexist personal assaults as an argument for greater understanding. To publicly air a viewpoint and to use public office to advance an agenda are privileges enjoyed by both conservative and liberal lawmakers, yet only the liberals seem to view each proposed law as license for public character assassination.

If your opinions differ from those of another, present your argument in a clear, concise and decent manner. Leave the name-calling to the juveniles.

Thomas Delaney
Fort Lupton

The name of the game: Marilyn Musgrave, before I begin, I want to acknowledge the fact that you may not hear any of what it is that I have to say. I would feel like I was not doing my duty as a human being, however, if I opted not to write to you. I am deeply saddened by your attempt to create a state in which all people are not treated equally. I understand that your views concerning gay marriage are probably rooted in religion and, therefore, respect the fact that you may believe that God agrees with you and that you are in this position for that reason -- that God put you there to punish gay people. But I am wondering...well, I believe in God, too. And I thought that there was only One, and so I am confused, because my God loves me and supports me. So I was just curious: What is your God's last name? And did He have a son named Jesus?

It would be really weird and sort of frightening to learn that, after thirty years of calling on this fellow, I was, in fact, calling on the God that you have -- which, I guess, would answer the question of why I never won the lottery or why I got a speeding ticket that one time when I prayed for that cop to just give me a warning. At first, I was thinking that God just didn't want me to be wealthy, or that He wanted me to slow down, but this would explain everything. My prayers were probably intercepted by your God, and because I am gay, instead of helping me out, He laughed and laughed and thought to himself, "It's going to be a cold day in hell before I help this homo." So, anyway, I was just wondering if you could e-mail me His last name, so I can have a little peace of mind.

Bethy Leonardi

Drunk and Disorderly

The last laugh: Besides Bill Maher, Dan Savage, Kenny Be and Patrick Osborn are the only ones who can make me howl with laughter. I look forward to the Drunk of the Week column every week. It lampoons everyone equally -- like the time Osborn poked fun at Colorado drivers. I read him all the time, so I know he is left of center politically, and I was astonished by Sonya Decman's March 4 letter spewing vitriol at Osborn's remarks about women and football. I'm a feminist, and I wasn't offended by the gentle satire in the stereotype of women lacking interest in football. Decman herself made an outrageous stereotype about men being incapable of multi-tasking. Why would anyone so uber-sensitive read Westword? The humor is, more often than not, raw, edgy and crude. Perhaps she reads it only for the articles? For the record, not all feminists are Church Ladies of the Left; Decman should evolve a sense of humor.

Sometimes while reading Westword at night, I laugh so hard and so long I wake my husband up. It's contagious, and he starts laughing too, asking, "What's so funny?"

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