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Jane Davis

The Alone Ranger

Park and chide: I try to be a live-and-let-live guy, but the aggressive gay cruising in Adams County that David Holthouse reported on in his "Cruisin' for a Bustin'," first published in the February 26 issue, cannot be allowed to continue. In less than two years, I've experienced problems in every park located between Route 224 and 88th Avenue along the Platte River. The first incident involved a diminutive Mexican fellow (insert gay caballero joke here) who relentlessly propositioned me in broken English, finally resorting to the universal gesture for humping to get his point across. I suppose I could have kicked his ass, but I was too busy howling with laughter.

The most recent incident wasn't so funny. I inadvertently got too close to a homeless man who was attempting to pee off a large new deck area. He exploded with rage when he mistakenly thought that I was cruising him for some action. Nothing could convince him otherwise, and I barely avoided a physical confrontation. It took the cops about twenty minutes to respond to my call. All the officer could say was that Adams County would be stepping up undercover action as the weather gets warmer. And he expressed surprise that recent publicity hasn't resulted in more violence.

As things stand now, it's only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt. And it's deplorable when a law-abiding dude can't walk alone in broad daylight without being solicited or eyed with suspicion.

John Jesitus

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