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Heather Flohrschutz
via the Internet

Still hurting: I have just finished reading about David Holthouse's arrest. Please pass along my support to him. There is no normal human being on this earth who hasn't imagined hurting someone who has hurt us in such a dramatic way. Hell, I imagine having the powers to instantly give other drivers explosive diarrhea when I'm aggravated driving down I-25; I can't imagine how much more anger I'd have if I were victimized like Mr. Holthouse was. In short, wanting revenge is a very human emotion (example: the war we're in right now!). Anyone who judges Mr. Holthouse for this is a huge hypocrite.

I hope his legal problems go away very quickly. And I hope all of the scummy rapists and child molesters out there who read his story will now think twice before harming anyone in the future.

Mary Rawson

A moving experience: Rarely am I moved to respond to an author of something that I have read. I have not lived in Colorado for four years, but I occasionally read Westword online. I was speechless after I read David Holthouse's article. Thankfully, I have never been the victim of sexual abuse. The whole time I was reading his piece, I had only two thoughts in my mind. The first was that if anyone ever touched my child... I am sure that you can finish that sentence. Also, I cried for David, for what he went through, for the pain that he felt throughout his life, and for the pain that his parents went through. As a mother, I could not imagine the rage that I would feel if anyone were to do this to my child -- to anyone's child, for that matter. David is very strong and brave to have written about his ordeal. He, of all people, should not be punished for mere words.

I hope that in sharing what he has gone through, David will somehow be brought a little peace. I also hope that other people who are survivors of such horrible ordeals will somehow find the strength to break the cycle. David has prevailed -- and for that, he is a better person than many I know. Thank you for sharing such a personal experience with the public. David's article is one that I will carry with me throughout my life.

Dianna T. Slade
formerly of Aurora

The road to recovery: David Holthouse: What you wrote took bravery; I'm shaking from just reading it. I'm not the type who shakes easily, either, or writes to people he doesn't know. I had to write you, though, to let you know that there are a lot of guys out there like you.

Like you, I've planned the death of my molester, and the fact that I never followed through with it haunts me. I worry about becoming a father. I've made similar suicidal pacts with myself. And like you, I don't think I'll sleep well tonight knowing that the sicko that messed with me is out there harming hundreds of others -- but I really don't know what I can do about it. I just wish I could get this out of my head and go on with my life. Just writing that makes me realize what I've been doing all these years: covering up and repressing the horrible things that happened to me. This probably explains my violent temper and inability to find joy in my life. I'm not going to blame this, though; I'd just be a bigger victim. Maybe it's time to find a way to fix myself.

I mean this without sarcasm: Thanks for bringing this to the surface. I thought I dealt with what I went through, but that was just a sham.

Name withheld on request

Speak up: I want to applaud David Holthouse. Having never been raped or molested myself, his article still touched me deeply. Yes, I've seen movies of the week and after-school specials that have dealt with this subject, but none came close to the visceral reaction created by his words. I can only begin to imagine the strength and courage this piece could provide (or is providing) for those who have gone through an ordeal like David's. How many times do we get a chance to confront those who have torn away pieces of our soul? How often are we humane enough to be able to forgive? This work is powerful on so many levels, and I'm so glad that David had the strength, the heart and the will to write it -- even if he is suffering as a result of it now.

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