Letters to the Editor

Stalk of the Town

End of the words: Regarding David Holthouse's "Stalking the Bogeyman," in the May 13 issue:

There are no words that could accurately describe how strongly I feel about David Holthouse sharing what I am positive was such a horrid memory of his childhood. David, your courage left me speechless.

And Patricia Calhoun, your professionalism and approval of the story should be commended as well. I am a faithful reader of Westword, and I felt this was the most powerful issue to date.

Thank you, David, for sharing your painful story! Please know that your readers are behind you.

Jodee Ayn Wright

Editor's note: The letters about David Holthouse's "Stalking the Bogeyman," and his recent arrest for stalking, keep coming in. With this issue, we're moving the discussion to the web until it's time to publish the next chapter in the story. To read Holthouse's original piece, go to

The Rapes of Wrath

And the hits just keep on coming: Patricia Calhoun's "Greatest Hits," in the May 27 issue, was a big hit with me. Using Hunter Thompson's ga-ga-gonzo description of Denver (the problem is that there's nothing cowboy left about this city), she connected everything from Columbine to JonBenét Ramsey to the insane cheerleading in Boulder for the University of Colorado football team.

Hit 'em again! Hit 'em again! Harder, harder!

Les Michaels
via the Internet

The last laugh: What a state. Aren't you people glad to be from the colorful state of Colorado? If you're a native, you knew that Gary Barnett would get off, just like Eagle is getting all this free publicity and making all this money off the Kobe Bryant case when everyone knows that he is innocent. This state is a laughingstock on Jay Leno's show.

Frank Sandoval

Every dog has his day: I just read "Greatest Hits," and although I normally find Patricia Calhoun's column informative and well-researched, this time I just thought it was catty. What's her ax to grind with Hunter S. Thompson? So, great, you guys reported this story a couple of years ago. Well, since then, Thompson got involved and the state Supreme Court decided to review the case. Vanity Fair has a slightly bigger circulation then Westword, so why not get the word out? So Calhoun's going to criticize Thompson for telling people to call the Post instead of their local reps, and then she's not even going to give the contact info for these reps? Give me a break. Everybody knows they can contact local reps, etc.; this is a democracy. As for the line about the woman getting raped right in front of your eyes, that was a metaphor.

Obviously, Calhoun's not the only dog who knows how to bark in this state, so she shouldn't get nitpicky just because there's one that's louder.

John Peabody

The Gang's All Cheer

All stalk, no action: Regarding David Holthouse's "Bring It On," in the May 27 issue, I have a suggestion for Zoe Williams. If she would like her organization and viewpoints to be taken seriously by anyone (other than those who, like her, are on the extremist fringe), she might be wise to enter into intelligent discourse to defend her positions. When offered an opportunity to do so, she tucked tail and ran, accusing Mike Rosen of being a "stalker" merely for taking her up on her promise to call his show. Personally, I think Rosen would dismantle her in a matter of minutes, and based on her non-response, I would guess she feels that way as well.

Here's an idea for Zoe: Instead of using hit-and-run shock tactics, why don't you back up your words? Rosen is merely finishing what you started. Keep staging your protests where you can't or won't be challenged, but some of us see you for what you are: afraid and unable to put your money where your mouth is.

David Frisbie

Pep talk: I love the Radical Cheerleaders. You should write more about them, because they are really great. Great article, too.

Darline Cunnings
via the Internet

Pukes of hazard: Here is a prime example of college kids with far too much time on their hands, with their skulls full of mush from the liberal propagandists. They're way too silly for anyone to take seriously, and most thinking people would consider them to be a laughingstock.

They don't need to barf; I feel the nausea rising just thinking about these overwrought, unshaven princesses wasting the college's resources and Daddy's money. Zoe Williams's thing with Mike Rosen is pathetic. She's (cluck cluck) chicken to debate a serious mind, so she comes up with the stalker angle to deflect Rosen's team trying to get her on his show. If she has a message to impart, she would be on KOA, with its huge audience, in a New York minute. She apparently has nothing to say, but we knew that. She also realizes that those of her ilk get exposed for the lightweights they are on talk radio every day.

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