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But the fundraising follies at Colorado Public Radio are not the major issue with the station. That is much more fundamental. CPR wants us to contribute more dollars, but management doesn't appear to be too interested in producing a better product. While poorer public stations like KUVO and KGNU take justifiable pride in their local programming, including providing venues for local musicians, CPR has just one locally produced program. It's called Colorado Matters. The show is fairly well produced and covers important topics, but the presentation is rarely provocative. In any case, is it too much to ask the major public radio outlet in Denver to have more than one locally produced show?

I listen to Colorado Public Radio, and I have contributed to the station for years. I'm sure the staff are good folks and well-meaning. But to ask listeners to continue to support the station, even though its primary function is to carry the National Public Radio and Public Radio International signals, is becoming increasingly indefensible. I suspect it would be difficult to find another public radio station in the nation, dominant in its broadcast area, that is as shallow in local programming. When it asks for money I ask what we get in return other than the national feeds. Sadly, not much.

Jack Farrar

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