Letters to the Editor

A Rocky Road

Raiders of the lost art: All those debating who was on the swift boat when it did what should look at Patricia Calhoun's column about Jon Lipsky, the FBI agent who led the raid on Rocky Flats ("True Lies," August 19). He is a true American hero -- the Paul Revere of this generation, warning us about dangers just down the road -- and his patriotism is beyond debate.

Ellen Adams
via the Internet

Bombs away: Just a question. Will Patricia Calhoun ever quit writing about Rocky Flats? Hasn't she ridden that horse long enough?

H.E. Wilkins

Patricia Calhoun responds: Well, H.E., let's hope the life of the Rocky Flats story is a little shorter than the 24,000-year half-life of plutonium. I'll quit writing about Rocky Flats when the government finally releases the relevant grand-jury documents, the jurors themselves can tell their story -- and FBI special agent Jon Lipsky is allowed to speak. Last Tuesday evening, as Lipsky was driving into Denver (and after my column had gone to press), he received a call from the FBI, warning him not to talk about the case. "So I can't tell you what I came here to tell you," he told the people who gathered the next day for a press conference on the dangers of turning Rocky Flats into a wildlife refuge/recreation area.

The Young and the Restless

Blood will tell: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Young Blood," in the August 19 issue:

It's too bad that Jared Polis didn't get to run for Congress this year. Listening to him would be a lot more fun than listening to the same old guys who are running instead. I'll bet Polis wouldn't wear a cowboy hat, either.

Jazi Reynolds
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Snail mail: I have to wonder, seriously, who really gives a rat's ass what Jared Polis is all about or who he is. If you could find a more boring or insignificant subject for a cover article, I would truly be surprised. I don't know the guy personally, nor had I ever heard of him until your article, but I feel no shame in my ignorance of his work.

Could you do me a favor in the future and not waste any more paper on do-gooder rich folk with pointless personal agendas? Is that too much to ask?

Perhaps I could find the transcripts of the play-by-play for the latest snail-racing championships so that you can print something a little bit more meaningful.

And by the way, I usually love your work.

Dustin Foster

Seeing into the future: Michael Roberts's "Young Blood" was a real eye-opener. I depend on Westword to tell me things about this city that I might not know otherwise, and I cannot believe all of the important things he is doing!

As chairman of the Colorado Board of Education, he plays a very important role in the future of this state. As a young man with a lot of money and ideas, he can really make things happen.

I wish him the best.

Roger Torres

Seize the day: Advice for Jared Polis of the Colorado State Board of Education:

Please, sir! Make it clear to the citizens of Colorado that schools are under attack by neo-fascist, anti-democracy, right-wing capitalist dictatorships. Students are their prime target. They calculate that if they can capture the minds of students, they will continue to maintain and expand their system of oppression, domination, wage-slavery and exploitation over the rest of society and, eventually, over the entire world.

Mr. Polis! We need a leader who will never kneel to the capitalist power elite, who will organize and mobilize and seize the moment in history to save our democracy. The whole world is waiting!

John Cassella

The wild ride: Michael Roberts writes: "Within minutes of my getting together with Jared Polis, he almost killed me -- twice!"

Shame, shame, shame on you, Jared Polis, for remaining "entirely unruffled" when you could have killed "what looks to be a substantial family" in that minivan. The way you handle a car on the road with clearly no respect for human life makes me ill. And you are on the Board of Education, working with children! Please be so kind as to explain to me what example you are setting for the students you claim to care so much about with your erratic driving!

You see, Mr. Polis, I am an operating-room nurse (for 27 years). I am one of the persons who works on the family in the minivan for many hours, desperately trying to save their lives. Do they all survive? Of course not! Do we look at the poor, dead little child on the OR table and cry? Yes! Many, many of these accident victims die because of neglectful, careless, "entirely unruffled" drivers such as yourself. Obviously, you don't care to understand the pain of the human condition. Do you realize how many broken hearts are left behind when a loved one passes on due to a senseless car accident?

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