Letters to the Editor

Where's the Love?

Send in the Clowns: Regarding Dave Herrera's "Love Gun," in the November 18 issue:

Thanks again! First Rogue and now Love.45. Does Herrera work for 93.3? These bands suck, and based on the fact that he must have shown some credentials to get his Westword job, Herrera knows they suck. There are some solid bands out there doing quality work to represent this city, and he picks our version of Candlebox for a feature. Hell, the Magic Cyclops is far more worthy of a feature than these clowns. What's next, a tour chronicle of the Insane Clown Posse?

Leave the jocking of bad Creed acts to the professionals at 93.3. Your paper has too much integrity for that. You're semi-independent; please start behaving like it.

P.S.: If either Rogue or Love.45 have ever been in Herrera's car CD player, he needs to leave the publication immediately.

Chris Walsweer

Sour apes: While I am happy to see a few local boys garnering national renown, I was appalled at the audacity it must have taken to actually ask -- on the November 18 cover, no less -- if Love.45 would be the band to "break" Denver. As the premier publication of music news in Colorado, Westword should know better than that. Bands like Love .45 and the Fray (which was just signed to Epic) are good at what they do, but they definitely don't add anything new to the musical landscape; both bands are just re-hashing the unk/emo/hardcore sound that already infects popular music. All we can do is hope that a) they don't get lost in the multitude of uninspired music already taking up space on record-store shelves, or b) their contracts are such that they will have the freedom to branch out.

Unfortunately, that's asking for a lot from the corporate music industry. Getting signed to a major label may sound great to them now, but it may be the beginning of the end for both bands.

On top of that, I think a lot of people from Denver do not want our city to be known for bands like these. We have such a diverse blend of musical talent here, and it is really sad that the two bands that recently "made it" sound pretty much the same. I would rather that Denver be known for bands like Uphollow, DeVotchKa, the Very Hush Hush, Tin Tin and the Tarmints -- which all put on great shows and have a distinct (read: not derivative) sound -- than be known for bands that just ape what Viacom is already shoving down our throats.

Sam Anthony

The Bum's Rush

Hands on the run: Regarding Amy Haimerl's "Cornering the Market," in the November 25 issue:

I think it's ever so important for Westword to toe the corporate line of the Downtown Denver Partnership by giving the impression that all the panhandlers you see begging for money are freeloaders and frauds. If we can convince enough people that they are getting ripped off instead of being charitable, that they are contributing to someone's disease instead of exercising compassion, then we can vacuum up all these untidy mendicants and export them to, well, somewhere else. A program or something. Who was that guy who said the poor shall always be among us? Somebody should investigate whether he was drunk or mentally ill or scamming. Ms. Haimerl?

S.P. Williams

Escort and Spark

She likes to watch: I was fascinated by all the letters about David Holthouse's November 11 "Bada Bing, Bada Boom!" that ran in the last issue of Westword. Those letters, and the follow-up story in the same issue, were almost enough to make me check out the discussion on the Other Board. Almost, but not quite.

I think I'd rather sit back and let Westword do the work. Thanks for showing me a part of Denver life I would never have thought existed. I really enjoyed David's story...and the responses!

Cheryl Maher
via the Internet

Professional courtesy: As a man who lost his wife after twelve years of marriage, I would like to write in defense of the women who choose to work in this profession. I have found two women who I spend time with once every couple of months. We talk about our families, and I find them to be the most caring, educated, traveled and interesting people I have ever met. In many cases, they have other professional jobs. It is not a substitute for a caring wife, but it is far better than no relationship at all.

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