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Dawn Shearer

Food for thought: I smell a rat, Westword. Not just the usual rat of cloying prose and smarmy liberal self-congratulation, but a much larger, stinkier rat: backhanded influence peddling.

I got a whiff of said rodent when I noticed that the author of last week's heartstring-tugger, Helen Thorpe, is married to our illustrious mayor, John Hickenlooper. It took one utterance of "cui bono" and about a minute of playing "follow the money" on the Internet to track down the rotting carcass I was looking for. Consider the following taken from your very own newspaper, in a story published February 27, 2003: "The Colorado Restaurant Association has contributed to the campaigns of both brewer Hickenlooper and Zavaras, whose brother-in-law, Pete Contos, owns a number of restaurants, including Pete's Kitchen. 'They could be from the Communist Party, and if they owned a restaurant, we'd support them,' says association president Pete Meersman."

The restaurant industry is probably the largest beneficiary of illegal immigration in the United States. Could it be that this industry -- Hickenlooper's own -- might have a vested interest in keeping the American public enamored with the idea of unlimited, lawless immigration? FDR once quipped that "in politics, nothing happens by accident." (But he was a commie, anyway. Why believe him?) Oh, but it's really all about the kids, right?

Which brings me to the actual subject matter at hand. "Pablo" -- I feel for you, so take comfort in the fact that our Glorious Imperial Legions are in dire need of more cannon fodder to keep the world safe for maquiladoras and McDonald's. "The nation-state is finished," as they like to say at the Wall Street Journal. All hail the New World Order!

Jonathan Armstrong

There's Always Room for Melo

Welcome mat: Dave Herrera, in regard to your December 2 Beatdown about Melo rappin' at the club, did it occur to you that maybe he was just making the guests feel welcome? It was after 1 a.m., and I did not see an American Idol truck out front.

Why not put some of those three-chord, three-piece bands from New York that you love so much under the microscope and see how they hold up?

Johnny Rhino

Slim chance: Yo, Dave, I read your December 2 Beatdown, and I just wanted to let you know that I still got my ears to the streets in Denver. Let's not forget who changed the game as far as hip-hop parties go in your city. In an article I read in the paper earlier this year, you guys said it yourselves, and there still hasn't been anyone to bring as many celebrities to the club in one night as me. So let's not let this little bag of weed mess with your memory -- but if it has, I will be back All-Star weekend to remind you that I'm number one. I'm the Hip-Hop King of LoDo, and I don't even live there.

James "Slim" Cunningham
via the Internet

Mom's Away

Son set: "Shades of Guilt," in the November 25 issue, was as thrilling as any episode of Law & Order. How horrible that it was a true story! I grieve for Kyran Voss, and for Krystal. I cannot imagine how she lived through the loss of her son -- and then to be convicted of killing him must be more than she can bear.

Thanks to Alan Prendergast for his excellent work.

Terry Powers

To tell the truth: I am outraged by Alan Prendergast's "Shades of Guilt" and his description of the investigation done in this case. This is not justice. From what I have learned, in many other counties -- including Arapahoe County -- investigators are the criminals when it comes to creating stories to make their investigation more than it is. Too many people are going to prison because of bad investigating. Who is really searching for the truth anymore? It's who can twist the story, poke holes and help their team win "truth."

In my opinion, there is no justice in the criminal-justice system. I fear for those innocent people who have to defend themselves in any courtroom. I know that there are people out there who have committed crimes and deserve what they get, but please, jurors, find them guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. What if that person was you?


Parent trap: My heart goes out to the father of Kyran Voss. A parent should never have to bury his or her child. I do feel, however, that Krystal and Patrick are both responsible for the child's death. Because with Krystal's "keen interest in natural healing and herbalism," it would seem that she would have a way to calm herself down naturally, and if the child had the injuries when Patrick arrived, wouldn't the responsible adult alert the authorities? Or was he still pussy-whipped? When did the love of a woman take precedence over the safety of a child?

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