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Consider what you recognize as admirable behavior. Sure, the Rocky broke a story, but they also may have broken a life. Is that what journalism is for?

Zoe Williams

Separation of Churchill and state: Ward Churchill gets several notorious mentions in your annual Best of Denver issue. For Best Candidate to Replace Gary Barnett, you spout racist gibberish: You asininely assert that professor Ward "Sacred Buffalo" Churchill would "stress the value...of listening to everything quarterback Osama bin Laden says in the CU huddle."

Your lampooning continues when you praise talk radio's Caplis and Silverman for their "doggedness" in research "advancing" the Ward Churchill media lynching. Never mind the death threats that Churchill has received because of the behavior of right-wing blowhards like Caplis and Silverman. And certainly never mind the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children sacrificed for U.S. control of oil and Zionist nightmares.

As Churchill has said, along with Malcolm X, the chickens are coming home to roost and will continue to do so. In 2000, I went to Iraq on a peace mission, delivering essential medical equipment and researching the effect of a decade of continuous U.S. bombing and U.S./U.N. sanctions. While there, a dean at the University of Mosul lamented how deeply this U.S. violence had traumatized a generation of Iraqi youth. He feared for the future of Iraq because, as he put it, Saddam Hussein was politically moderate toward the U.S. compared to the political opinions these traumatized youth had developed as a direct result of the ongoing U.S./U.N. war against them. That was five years ago, before the current U.S. invasion and occupation terrorizing the Iraqi people.

So now Westword joins in the media lynching of Churchill, the messenger, without lifting a finger for more than a decade in exposing U.S. terror in Iraq or elsewhere. While the chickens are roosting, Westword's liberals think they can have their cake and...

Mark Schneider

Editor's note: If you didn't get a copy of the Best of Denver 2005, the entire editorial content (including readers' choices) is available online at If you did get a copy, grab a pen and note these corrections. While the Bagel Deli & Restaurant at 6439 East Hampden Avenue is definitely the town's Best Jewish Deli, it is not a kosher deli. Though Armando's certainly qualifies for Best Pizza in a Pasta Place, the address should be 16653 East Smoky Hill Road in Aurora (the Cherry Creek outpost is closed). And finally, the new Visitor Information Center is indeed the Best Store on the 16th Street Mall -- but free coffee is not among the amenities you'll find there. Our apologies for the errors.

Stand Up, Sit Down, Fight Fight Fight

Jeerleader: Regarding Luke Turf's "Sis Boom Bah," in the March 17 issue:

Is Janeisha Lewis a victim of the system? Hardly. She's a smart-mouth teen who refused to obey Officer Rice's lawful order to stand back from a fight. Lewis wanted to be a punk, and now she's paying the price. Lesson learned: Disobey a police officer, get arrested. That's the way it's supposed to be.

Lewis wants to be in the Navy? Trust me: With her attitude and lack of maturity, she doesn't have what it takes to be in the military. Lewis needs to grow up and learn to take responsibility for her actions.

Kristy Wright

Educate, don't incarcerate: I wanted to thank you for Luke Turf's "Sis Boom Bah" and the look inside the justice system regarding juveniles. There seems to be nothing in place to help children with problems; instead, people just turn them over to the legal system. This is not the answer for children who can be helped out of a tough situation. Everyone makes mistakes, and either our educational leaders have forgotten that, or they are perfect and always have been (which I doubt).

I have a ten-year-old son who was recently introduced to the justice system by his school. Although he has an issue with controlling anger, he is a very sweet and affectionate child. I have been seeking help for him for about four years, always getting the response that "he is too young to receive help, for he will not understand what is going on." I now know that what they meant was that he was too young for the police to handle: They cannot intervene until the age of ten. Thanks to what I believe was police coaxing, my son now has a record that will follow him for life.

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