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But here's my real theory behind Jason's endless diatribe on poor Sparrow: Since Sparrow is obviously doing well and meeting a neighborhood need for good food and a pleasant dining ambience at reasonable prices (unlike Vega, sadly), I think that just pissed old Jason off. To hell with his friends who like the place. If Sean Yontz couldn't make a go of it in that location, then damn the torpedoes, no one should.

That kind of lack of objectivity is not what I read Cafe for. Jason, be witty, be funny, be whoever you are, but don't publish such an unprofessional and vitriolic restaurant review that puts down your readers and friends as well as the restaurant.

Maybe it is Sheehan who should be "grounded," not Sparrow. I really don't think most of us "John and Jane Q. Pocketmoney" diners who support Sheehan, Westword and the restaurant business in Denver are interested in anyone's immature rantings and ravings. I'll be using this review to pick up dog poop in the neighborhood.

Lauren Sigman

What the F does he know: There's no accounting for taste, but it's always good for a food critic to have some. Jason Sheehan's review sounded more like a bitter journal entry about an ex-lover's new interest than a restaurant review. Using the F-word to describe a salad seemed over the top, and turned what should have been a negative review into an idiotic editorial.

It's no secret that critics love to hear themselves talk and tell the masses what tastes good and what sacred rules should never be broken in the kitchen, but, as Sheehan pointed out, in Sparrow's case, the masses aren't listening. Sheehan is free to write what he feels, but he should take a course in review-writing and lay off the pompous and contradictory style that made him look like a jackass in my eyes for good. Sparrow will survive because it has the basic things a restaurant needs: a talented and creative kitchen and loyal customers. Fucking food critics come and go.

Kelly Neely

Read it and reap: The first thing I do when a new Westword comes out is turn right to Jason Sheehan's latest review, despite the fact that I will never set foot inside 90 percent of the restaurants he reviews.

I just enjoy reading his writing.

Robert James Margesson

Buffalo Boys, Won't You Come Out Tonight?

A wing and a prayer: Reading Jason Sheehan's review of Luciano's Pizza and Wings ("Buffalo Bills," March 10), I found a few things apparent:

1) Jason has no idea about Buffalo wings. There is a huge difference between all of the competitors he mentioned; to discount them and put them all in the same category was unjust.

2) He fails to mention that this town had no good pie. Or good wings. With Luciano's, we are blessed to have a real pizza-and-wing joint. To say that this cuisine is better off left in cold Buffalo couldn't be further from the truth. Isn't Jason from Rochester, New York?

I hope his review doesn't cost a good old Buffalo boy business. If it does, he might have a swarm of old-school Buffalo boys on his hands, swinging and knocking out teeth like Jason mentioned in his pointless article.

Greg DelGaudio

Slice of life: I'm a proud Buffalonian who has lived in Colorado for twelve years, and although I've grown to love our life, I've yet to find one single slice anywhere in the state that I can hold up to my native-Coloradan wife and say, ", this is the stuff, the way God intended for us to eat."

Jason Sheehan has done a major service. Now I gotta make a run for Luciano's.

Steve Koch

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