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Steven Flanders
via the Internet

Editor's note: We stand by our depiction of Reverend Reynolds's shirts, but thank Steven Flanders for pointing out two truly boneheaded errors in "A House Divided. " Forgive us our sins.

The Marry-Go-Round

Social malcontents: In regards to Laura Bond's "Love and Happiness" and "A House Divided," in the April 14 issue, be advised that the real crisis is not marital or spiritual (tell your pastor), but social. Society as a whole pressures people, especially the young and naive, into procreation, marriage and having children.

The 50 percent divorce rate is because of people not being ready to give up their lives for their children. So before any more social-pressure-created children are raised, please make sure you are ready to give up your own life, your wants, your dreams. And then show your next generation how to trust only your God and savior to have the compassion and love necessary to break the chains of social pressures, to do what in your own hearts are true.

Otherwise, have safe sex; marriage because of pregnancy can and will be a ball and chain of blame. Your "could haves, would haves" are too late. And on the other hand, there are thousands of couples unable to have children. What's the difference with same-sex marriage?

D. Vigil

Is everybody happy? "Love and Happiness" was nicely done. It's fascinating how the right can manage to find an audience for that "men are from Mars" crap. How nice it'd be if life or relationships were that simple. It reminds me of the ex-gay movement and their theory that if you undergo enough same-sex bonding, you'll eventually heal your broken paternal relationship and suddenly start hankering for, well, you know...

John Dicker

Love me gender: I would recommend not tripping on acid after watching 1950s television in Texas. I see Laura Bond was as offended by this anti-feminism as I am. What good does hiding the friction between parental opinions bring to a child in learning to debate and make decisions? Where did they get the data for these scientific "secrets"? I agree with equal freedom of speech, but these people should not be making a living giving this sort of advice. Perhaps I am looking through Laura's perceptive lenses here, but the wife seems like a mindless automaton.

God doesn't create these gender roles; advertising does. In the relentless search for cool, the advertisers have destroyed our standards and limited our intellect to that of apes. If I had a girlfriend or wife, I would be suspicious if I came home to her wearing a "painted house." I would be searching high and low for the pizza boy or some other scoundrel. If this is the way the religious right chooses to perceive the roles of women and men in the 21st century, then that explains the state of the union today. No wonder violence and oppression remain staples of American foreign relations. The people in charge are stuck in marriages with people they can't stand, and feel the only way out is the end of the world. This is just a hypothesis; there aren't enough asylums to house the sexually repressed maniacs of this country.

But what do I know? I'm a thirty-something single with no sign of ever changing my hermit status. At least I'm not willing to destroy anyone else's life but my own for the sake of love or Jesus. End rant.

Reverend Lani Milbus
via the Internet

The Examined Life

Nothing personal: At the end of Juliet Wittman's unfortunate review (or personal essay, I should say) of David Mamet's Edmond ("Darkness Personified," April 14), she questions why the producing company, the Denver Rep, would choose to stage such a play. My question to Ms. Wittman: Why not distance yourself a little from the plays that you critique? Otherwise, rename the theater page "editorial."

Plays like Edmond are very important, in that they exist to question our beliefs about our perceptions and judgments. As so many of us often do in life, Ms. Wittman has failed to see the opportunities for personal growth that exist when we find ourselves offended or angered by something and then take the time to examine where that comes from. I see Edmond as the most honest character in the play, almost a modern-day Jesus, in fact. If Jesus were alive and living in America, he would not be crucified; he would be put in jail so that society could continue avoiding difficult issues and pain.

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