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Someday, all churches will understand that discrimination against a whole class of people, such as gays and lesbians, is wrong and hurtful, and they will recognize that teaching hate is incompatible with their mission. Until that time comes, people like Reynolds will stand as a beacon and as a testimony to what is possible when the focus is put on how God would want his children treated.

Ron Bernard
Burlington, Vermont

Pray as you go: I want to thank Laura Bond so much for having patience and taking the time to prepare her awesome article. The "Sexuality in the Black Church" Bible study has taught me more than I expected, and I seek to learn even more. Reverend Reynolds is an intelligent, strong, compassionate, obedient true man of God with great vision. I commend him on standing strong regardless of what others say about him or this church and pursuing what God has called him to do. After all, we are not here just to take up space. I believe that God has a plan of work for each of us. Reverend Reynolds is a hardworking servant and educator striving to lead his congregation in the right direction, and that includes to "love thy neighbor as you love yourself."

Right now, my pastor is in need of lots of love, prayers and support for this incredible journey, and I ask anyone who reads this to help meet his needs. As a member of this great church called Emmanuel of Colorado Springs, I will continue praying, loving and supporting my pastor and this church as he/we continue to uphold the Word of God, "building the church from the inside out" and becoming "The Whosoever Church"!

Shirley Stewart
Colorado Springs

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