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Dan Cudahy

A matter of Course: Jason Sheehan's review of WaterCourse was his most entertaining review to date. His back-handed compliments were laugh-out-loud funny. However, his comment regarding pork not improving pancakes was totally incorrect. A few pieces of thick, crisp bacon can improve just about anything. Come on, Jason, you know that. Look past the BBQ.

Chris Bader

Closed Call

He's with stupid: How is it that every time I look into Westword and read a music critique and it makes no sense, at the end of the article it always says "Roberts"???

I really wish, with Michael Roberts's opinion on music, that he'd stick with MTV and pop music and stay away from the more intricate styles of music, i.e. bluegrass, because he has obviously not been able to get his closed mind around such styles.

He might like to know that I do get some amusement when I read his articles -- as I laugh out loud at the stupidity of his reasoning.

Chris Swain

Dance Fever

Presence and accounted for: In Dave Herrera's June 16 Beatdown on Christophe Cranberri, he mentions several times how everyone says "Christophe has a certain presence" on stage.

Has Herrera ever seen him dance? He has a certain presence there, too.

Barb Wasko

Have a Heart

Woman in front: Thanks to Jason Heller for writing about the Heartless Bastards in the June 16 Now Hear This. They were definitely worth going to the Lion's Lair. It is cool to see a (good) band fronted by a woman. The group that opened for the Heartless Bastards, American Relay, really blew me away. How can two guys make all that music? Talk about talent!

Mary Cook

Summer in the City

I just loved the Westword 2005 Summer Guide! It was so refreshing and very entertaining!

Rosemary McManis

Editor's note: If you missed our Summer Guide, a special section inserted in the June 9 issue, you can still find all of the stories and calendar listings online at

Domo on the Range

What a way to go: What a pleasant surprise to open the June 9 issue and read David Kawamoto's "Way of the Warrior." Domo is one of Denver's best restaurants, but I never realized it had so much history. Now that I know about how Gaku Homma wound up here, I'll appreciate my nights at Domo even more.

Leslie Ryan

Sensei and sensibility: I very much enjoyed your article about my dojo, Nippon-kan. Through my practice and travels with Homma, I have learned countless lessons and I hope to continue my practice until I become a Sensei.

Diego Rodriguez

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