Letters to the Editor

Heavy Petting

It's the pits: Kenny Be always displays a fine sense of humor, but with his "Denver Dogs: On Death Row" that ran below the June 23 Worst-Case Scenario, he displayed real fine art skills as well. This man is a true talent! (And really funny.)

Liza Robbins

War of the Words

Saints alive: Regarding Michael Roberts's "Big Feat," in the June 30 issue:

Wheee doggies! "Hagiography"? This is exactly why I read Westword: No one there is afraid to use "fuck" or "hagiography" when that's the word which is needed.

W. D. Gardner

It's Not Easy Being Green

Pleased to meat you: Regarding last week's letters about Jason Sheehan's "Changing Course," in the June 23 issue:

Being vegan seems to give people the feeling of being holier than everyone else. Which, of course, they aren't. They are just as intolerant as anyone else. I personally tend to agree with most of Jason Sheehan's evaluations of vegan/vegetarian cuisine.

I went vegetarian at the age of six of my own volition, and stayed vegetarian for eight years. And then, on a day that I will remember for the rest of my life, I decided that I should at least try some of the food that I had been turning my nose up at for more than half of my life. I had some grilled salmon. I've not looked back since. That doesn't mean I eat unhealthily, or even that I am primarily carnivorous -- I only eat meat about twice a week even now, six years later. But in terms of variety in flavors, there are some things that your average vegetarian will just never experience.

And why is it that so many "vegetarians" eat fake meat, like tofurkeys and chickenless nuggets, anyway? Is it okay to pretend you are eating meat as long as you don't actually do it? Anyway, Jason, keep up the good work.

Libi Striegl

Borderline Behavior

Agree to disagree: Reading the letters in last week's paper about Alan Prendergast's "Welcome to America," published in the June 23 issue, I realized that the people in this country may never agree about immigration. And that's sad, because we were all immigrants once.

Joelle Hanover

Swept under the rug: There is no "welcome mat" at the Mexican border. You can find that "welcome mat" at the U.S. Consulate in Mexico, which is where Mr. Carranza-Reyes should have gone in the first place. According to Alan Prendergast's article, his father was a naturalized citizen who could have gone through proper channels to ensure his son's safe entrance into the U.S. That there were 300,000 Mexicans breaking the law of the U.S. in 2003 indicates that 300,000 federal offenses were committed against this country. The laws were written to be respected, not to be ignored or so that people expect special treatment simply because they come from a third-world country.

What happened to Mr. Carranza-Reyes is unfortunate, but he did break one law: He entered the country illegally when he had the means to do so legally.

L. Diaz
via the Internet

Take Note

A Flood of praise: Just wanted to follow up on the Born in the Flood performance, which Dave Herrera wrote about in his June 30 Beatdown.

I gotta say, my jaw was on the floor. I have been to lots of local shows over the past five years, and they were on another planet that day. They reminded me a lot of Coldplay with a bit heavier sound. Definitely Chris Martin-like vocals. The emotion they had was like a wave just rolling right off the stage -- very dynamic and very tight. Can't wait to see them again; I'm gonna try to make it down to the hi-dive for their CD release. Shit, you'd think I work for the band or something! Just love to see Denver get better and better musically.

Keith Swami

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