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This really comes across as petty. Don't the local radio blowholes have more important things to talk about?

Angela Edlund
Rawlins, Wyoming

Rhapsody in Boo

Queen bees: Michael Roberts is completely insane or tone deaf, because the Flaming Lips' version of "Bohemian Rhapsody" is the worst song on the Killer Queen CD (Playlist, August 11). It is not even in tune with the original song. It is completely awful and, in my opinion, an insult to Freddie Mercury.

It is obvious Roberts is not a fan of American Idol, which in my opinion makes him very biased. Constantine Maroulis's rendition of "Rhapsody" is the best song on that whole CD. Believe me when I say that Roberts is in the minority with his idiotic assessment. Constantine sang that song with great emotion and passion, and if Freddy is turning in his grave, it is not because of Constantine, but rather because of the Flaming Lips. Constantine's version was a copy of the original, because that is what he was asked to do. They already had a version that differs from the original; it made sense for there to be a similar version also added in remembrance of Freddie.

Maybe if Roberts had done a little more research, he could have discovered this himself.

Jenna Gravelle
Elyria, Ohio

Mercury's rising: Was Michael Roberts listening to the same album I was? I actually love Killer Queen (a few songs that I didn't especially care for at first have grown on me), save two tracks: "Bicycle Race" and the Flaming Lips' "Bohemian Rhapsody." The latter is unlistenable, in my opinion, and sounds like Muppets on speed. Somewhere, Freddie Mercury is rolling over in his grave. On the other hand, Constantine Maroulis's version (with the outstanding cast of We Will Rock You singing backup), while faithful to Freddie in many ways, is also different enough in its own right...and a fitting tribute to Queen and Freddie Mercury. I also like the cuts from Sum 41, Breaking Benjamin and Josh Homme.

I had to write because I think Roberts missed the boat, and that sentiment is echoed by everyone I know who has listened to the CD.

Kari Brewer
Elk Grove, California

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