Letters to the Editor

Patriot Games

Borderline behavior: I appreciated the combination of Patricia Calhoun's pieces in the October 6 issue. Compare what the Martinezes ("United They Stand") have done for this country with what the Minutemen ("Blow Hards") say they are doing down on the border. Who are the real patriots?

I'll vote for Padres Unidos.

Chris O'Leary

Low blows: Sorry, but Patricia Calhoun's "Blow Hards" was really a farce of an article. Try starting at square one again.

John Martin

Send in the Clowns

Elephant man: Regarding Adam Cayton-Holland's What's So Funny? in the October 6 issue:

I love Adam's column; he is my favorite Westword writer. I can't explain how funny that article was; reading it in my dusty cubicle was hard, because I had to suppress the evil laughter that was trying to resonate at the thought of an elephant killing a clown.

I share Adam's sentiments about circuses. But if he wants to talk weird circuses, the Shriners' Circus is like being in the twilight zone. Avoid it at all costs. Thanks for the laughs, again.

Melody Resetarits

Trunk show: Thanks to Westword for printing Adam Cayton-Holland's column illuminating the ridiculousness and inhumanity of Ringling Bros. circus. If we all took a minute to look behind the velvet curtain, as Mr. Cayton-Holland did,we would be appalled to find that what the powers-that-be tell us is true is, in fact, a bunch of outrageous lies.

Jamie Bolger

Animal crackups: We agree with Adam Cayton-Holland that the Ringling Bros.circus public-relations machine can't fool anyone who gives thought to the use of animals in entertainment. Many animals used by Ringling have died as a result of egregious neglect or outright abuse. An eight-month-old elephant named Riccardo was killed by Ringling after he fractured both hind legs when he fell off a circus pedestal. Benjamin, a four-year-old baby elephant, drowned in a pond as he tried to move away from a trainer who was threatening him with a bull hook. Ringling paid federal authorities $20,000 to settle charges of failing to provide veterinary care to a dying baby elephant named Kenny.

Other animal deaths include a caged tiger that was shot to death, a lion that died of apparent heatstroke, a horse that was used despite a chronic medical condition that died during a Ringling animal march, and a wild-caught sea lion that was found dead in her transport cage.

Jennifer O'Connor
Animals in Entertainment Campaigns Writer
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Goodbye, Columbus

Word without end: Thanks for "War of the Word," the great article by Bill Gallo in the October 6 issue. Decent works of journalism are few and far between today. Gallo is an excellent writer and, what's more important (or just as important), he is a fair interpreter of a complex issue.

Thanks again -- it was very informative.

Mark Derderian
via the Internet

Hate on parade: Why does the City of Denver promote hate? With the continuation of the Columbus Day parade, that is exactly what the city is doing. Supporters of this parade seem to be expressing their racist undertones. Germans do not want to celebrate Hitler. So why do Italians want to celebrate Columbus?

It seems as if there is no getting through to the parade organizers. I mean, some of them actually still believe Columbus discovered America? With this level of intelligence, there is definitely no winning on any side. So come one, come all to the Parade of Hate, sponsored by the City of Denver and the KKK.

Mark McCabe

The reign in Spain: I fail to understand the big flap over Columbus and the Italians. It wasn't the Italians who did the genocide, it was the Spaniards. There were few, if any, Italians involved in the early colonization of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Frederick C. Sage

Time marches on: I can hardly believe the article in Westword about the "ridiculousness" (is there such a word? If not, I just made it up!) over the Columbus Day parade issue that currently seems to be capturing the attention of some residents of Denver.

What? The "Indians" -- who exactly are these people? The only people I know of, for this country anyway, who are unfortunately referred to as "Indians" are Native Americans from many cultures and nations who lived on this land long before anything we know.

Now for the Italians. Exactly who are they? If you're Italian, shouldn't you be living in Italy? Hey!

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