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It's so frustrating that nothing is being done to stop this cruel, inhumane treatment of these majestic animals. Will a solution ever be found?

Rosemary McManis

New World Without End

Hisses for my president: Regarding Bill Gallo's "War of the Words," in the October 6 issue:

Boycotting Columbus Day makes about as much sense as an inflatable dartboard. Indeed, Columbus took part in some malicious actions that had a malignant impact on American Indians. But these actions are no more severe than, say, the actions of some, if not all, of our American presidents. Should we boycott President's Day, too? After all, Truman dropped two atomic bombs that burned and killed thousands and thousands and thousands of civilians. Remember Nixon? By the way, Jefferson Davis was an American president.

And then we have this current ogre. Each one of these crazy bastards -- with their political muscle, egos and personal agendas -- have murdered, infected and displaced far more innocent people than some Italian navigator. Blaming Columbus for the execution of American Indians is like blaming submarines for winning WWII. We all know that Columbus did not "discover" America. And those elementary-school teachers that are still singing that song should be heavily taxed, if not jailed. Columbus serves simply as a representation of gringo expansion to the "New World."

If bored organizations need something to complain about, let's make a "I Have Nothing to Do But Bitch and Moan Day." Hell, we can make it on my birthday, December 11, and I'll bellyache about getting older.

Jake Hyland

Home turf: I would just like to remind our Italian brothers and citizens that Columbus did not discover America; he discovered there was an America. Columbus landed on some Caribbean island. Further, the criteria for an American hero is first to be an American. Columbus was an Italian emissary for the Spanish crown; therefore, he is a European hero.

Cesar Chavez was an American hero who stood up for a segment of the American population that was exploited, but he wasn't Italian. I guess that is why he is not noted by most Americans and Italian-Americans. Why should we celebrate European heroes?

By the way, Cinco de Mayo is a cultural celebration, and Benito Juarez and the Mexican Revolution are not crammed down our throats. Actually, I call it Corona day, since the yuppies discovered a reason to celebrate that awful-tasting beer that needs a lemon -- and Cinco de Mayo filled that requirement.

Yes, Europe had the guns, steel and disease to conquer the Americas, but that does not negate the fact that while the American civilizations were at their apex of glory, Europe was in the dark ages. Please: Columbus did not come with good intentions; it was all about the money.

I have no problem with celebrating European heroes in Europe, and suggest that our Italian brothers go to Italy to celebrate their history. Culturally, we can celebrate our heritages in an American context. And I will continue to celebrate our Americanism.

Mike Melendez Jr.

Quit Horsing Around

Mane man: Regarding Jessica Centers's "Beating a Dead Horse," in September 29 issue:

Slowly but surely, people are finding out the real truth about Bill Stiffler. Unfortunately, most people don't realize just how bad this guy really is. Yes, he is a crooked horse dealer who laughs about how he found a way to buy horses for $100 and sell them for $2,000 to $3,000 to people who get caught up emotionally in his story, and on top of it do all his dirty work to take care of the horses.

I know this firsthand because I owned the property on South University in Greenwood Village where he started his "horse rescue" fiasco. I witnessed all the bad things that other people did, and a lot more. Getting involved with Bill Stiffler is like getting cancer. It's very hard to get rid of -- and even if you do, you are always afraid it will return.

It would take volumes to describe the nightmares I have experienced as a result of his anger and resentment toward me for firing him from my employ. Let it suffice to say that he has cost me hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage personally and in my business. Hopefully, people who have experienced bad things with him will begin to step out and talk; otherwise, he will continue to do what he does until someone really gets hurt.

Mike Shinn
Lone Tree

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