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Shannon Cardenas

Seafood, Eat It

Surf and turf: Jason Sheehan, I was intrigued when I saw the Islamorada Fish Company on my way back from the airport a few months ago ("Floating Belly Up," August 17). I am an actual Florida native and have fished and eaten fish in Islamorada for 35 or 40 years. Just the thought of a place in Denver with that name made my skin crawl. Good review, but I wish you wouldn't sugarcoat everything.

I have just sold my house after living near Morrison for 25 years, and want to live near the ocean again. For the near future, I will be cruising the coast from Brownsville to Wilmington looking for a place to live and eating seafood.

James Ludlow
via the Internet

Something's fishy: I believe that Jason Sheehan must have some sort of vendetta against Islamorada, or perhaps he has family working in a competing restaurant. His review was downright vicious. His use of refined rhetoric included variations on the word "fuck" numerous times, surely a sign of a fine-dining connoisseur. I find it hard to believe that Jason has even read Shakespeare.

Randy Krogh

Hurts so good: I am eternally grateful for not drinking milk at the time I read "Floating Belly Up," so I did not spray it all over my PC at work from laughing so fucking hard. Goddamn, I wanna try this place just for the pure masochistic experience. I don't smoke now, so putting them out on my wrist is not an option anymore. Then along comes Islamorada, and I want to try it out for the sheer pain, much like you would one of those movies that is so bad that it's good. On the other hand, I am cheap and love my food and won't get within twenty yards of this culinary abortion. Thanks, Jason.

Len Osborne

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