Letters to the Editor

The Truth Hurts

Used and abused: Just when you think the politics associated with elections cannot be filled with any greater debauchery, Patricia Calhoun's "Cold. Very Cold," appears in the September 28 issue.

Using an event that caused such enormous pain for so, so many people, then twisting that event for political gain, is beyond despicable. My sincere hope is that because of Calhoun's column, a public retraction is forthcoming. Mr. Beauprez's mantra throughout this election is "Make me accountable." Let's do that.

Dory McFail
via the Internet

The cold, hard facts: Patricia Calhoun, please tell the whole story. Under Colorado law, Ramon Romero could have been jailed for up to one year on each subsequent drunk-driving arrest. Why wasn't he? The rub against Bill Ritter is that he failed to prosecute drunk-driving violations in cases where the drunk driver was also charged with drug violations. You should have found that out before writing this love letter to Bill Ritter.

Truth is cold. Practice it.

Jim Logue

Pain, no gain: I am a friend of the DeVries family and used to live in Denver. Thank you so much for printing the column that points out the truth -- plus how indecent it is to use such a human and community tragedy for political strategy and gain. I hope it backfires!!

Lynn Taylor
Columbus, Ohio

The White Stuff

Asked, and answered: Thank you, thank you, for Ask a Mexican. I am from Los Angeles, and I have never worked with so many white people in my life until I came to Colorado. I make it a point at work to teach my ethnically deficient co-workers a word or phrase of the week in Spanish, and also cook true Mexican food -- not the nasty slop they call Mexican food here. I also explained how 5 de Mayo is not the true Mexican independence day.

A friend showed me Gustavo Arellano's column, and I am so pleased to see that there are more people with a sense of humor regarding our people's quirks. Thanks for the wonderful column. By the way, the word of the week is BABOSO.

Yvette Sierra Cecena Orozco Greene-Smith

Diagnosis Is Murder

Trouble is his business: Regarding Alan Prendergast's "Head Games," in the September 21 issue:

I am going through the same exact process of being shafted by the so-called justice system. I have Tourette's syndrome, which comes with a list of symptoms. And I am being absolutely taken advantage of and run over by the system. Of course, I am in trouble again. It just freaks me out to know that the only thing I know for sure is how fucked up my future is going to be. I have a list of new charges, including four assault charges on police officers. Amazing! I was jumped by four cops while handcuffed and they charge me with assault. I also have a probation violation, and in the report, my probation officer makes no consideration or mention of my mental problems. His entire report is aimed at making me look like a jerk.

I was surprised to see Mark Seibel's picture with the article. I was in a holding tank with him at Jeffco a couple of weeks ago. I never got to know him, but I am familiar with his issues.

I am out on bail now awaiting upcoming court dates. My lawyer told me to seek help, but I have no insurance or money to see a doctor. Frustrating. I will be going to jail, I'm sure. I just don't know how long, probably years. It won't be easy when I get out.

It's nice to know that these problems with the system's mental-health care are being recognized. The prisons wouldn't be so ridiculously overcrowded if the same money was spent on giving people help with the cause of their issues. Their answer is to simply lock everyone up. How fucking retarded is that? It makes me sick to think of how I wouldn't be stuck in this system if I could have just gotten a prescription.

David Key

Damage control: Amazing what difference a correct early diagnosis can make. Troy Anderson was adopted by generous, loving parents, but may have had attachment disorder even before adoption. Mark Seibel is a self-reported abused and throwaway child. All the drug and correctional interventions were an uphill battle with guys whose early childhood probably led to significant brain disorganization. If you're interested in checking out some early treatment possibilities, find; it's free.

Thanks for your contribution to understanding, but not making excuses for, these damaged and dangerous guys.

Dennis Kennedy, director of development
Mount Saint Vincent Home, Denver

Rockies in Their Heads

The unwashed masses: Great commentary in Adam Cayton-Holland's September 28 What's So Funny? on the corporate slop that is Rockies baseball. Talk about kowtowing to the rich and their overprivileged progeny! What's up with that purple dinosaur fucker "entertaining" (and I use that term very loosely) only the choice seats, while the poor kiddies in the upper levels have to ask Mommy and Daddy, "When is he coming up here?" Good freaking luck, kid! Just sit still and eat your $10 drink-and-hot-dog combo.

Ronnie Bitsie

Oh, say, can you seat: Although quick to pigeonhole season-ticket holders as "corporate assholes" and the ushers at Coors Field as the derogatorily-toned "geriatrics," Mr. Cayton-Holland failed to see the "puzzling logic" in his own plan. I went to no fewer than 25 games this season and bought Rockpile tickets for every game, and I have no idea what the view from the Rockpile looks like.

My girlfriend and I routinely stand for the first few innings and then politely and respectfully ask if we may sit on the first- or third-base line. We have never been refused! Once, we were politely asked to come back in an inning or two and were allowed to sit when we did.

Mr. Cayton-Holland, maybe the failure of your maneuver was when you "snuck" past the usher and brought someone with you whose intent was to break the rules by addressing a player on the field. A player named Shea Hillenbrand. Not "Shane," you poser!

As baseball stadiums and staff go, Coors Field is tops! This is the ballfield that lets the people in the cheap seats flop in the grass in center field on fireworks night. Coors Field and its staff are a true gem of the city. If we could just field a team that deserved the home they have, we would be living in baseball nirvana!

Spencer Howard

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