Letters to the Editor

A Laugh Riot!

Strike while the irony's hot: I have always enjoyed the wit, satire, biting humor and irony of Westword.

But with the October 26 "," you really outdid yourselves. I can't stop laughing! I will frame the pictures of Bob Beauprez and Bill Ritter, so whenever I need a good laugh...

Barb Wasko


Party on, dude! was a wonderful idea, particularly since you made Ritter and Beauprez look like the jackasses they are. If taken a bit more seriously, this could be an incredible tool for third-party candidates. I am a supporter of Dawn Winkler, and it has sickened me how little press she, or any third-party candidates, get. People need to know there is more out there than the Democrats and Republicans. If we really want to change our world, we have to get out of our "two-choice" rut. This should start with the press. People listen to what the press has to say. You have an influential newspaper. Use it to let the people know that there are more than two ways to vote this election. In my eyes, it is your responsibility to do so.

Jessica Drees


Scare Tactics

The boogie man: Derf does it again with the sendup of Cheney in the October 26 The City. I always thought they scheduled elections right after Halloween to scare people into voting Republican! Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Evan Ravitz


Boo Who

Ghost buster: Regarding the October 26 Off Limits ("A Real Ghost Story"):

Westword, I might have guessed something stupid or sarcastic would come down through your ink about the tragedy at Platte Canyon High. A "real ghost story"? Give me a break.

Steve Schweitzberger


Fear Factor

Jockeying for position: Regarding Adam Cayton-Holland's "What's in a Name?," in the October 26 issue:

So Genevieve Babcock-Elder denies everything but the "camel jockey" quote? Looking at the evidence, I believe quite simply that she is a liar. Exhibit A: The NACM conference, where she gave a talk about how she made it so he couldn't get a bank account due to his possible terrorist ties. Exhibit B: The bank teller who denied him admitting that Babcock-Elder's phone conversation and fax referred to terrorist connections. Not too difficult to draw the conclusion that she's a racist and a liar.

Her attorney's statement that it's telling that Qusair Mohamedbhai actually went public (gasp!) is nothing more or less than a red herring. Counselor, your client has potentially screwed up this man's life. In the future, who knows when a Homeland Security hack may decide to hassle him -- based on her stupidity? Too bad it's probably too late for her to grow a brain.

Oh, now I'm gonna be a suspect in the JonBenét Ramsey case!

Steve Pavey


Foxes in the henhouse: I must be getting old. When I was in school, we were taught that our species consisted of three races: Asian, Caucasian and African. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are religions, not races. Latinos are not a race, but an ethnic group. When someone argues against Israel, he or she is neither racist nor anti-Semitic. Israel is a country, and Jews are not alone in their claim to be Semitic. When our news media continues to mislabel the facts (once, I actually heard a news anchor label a pro-Palestinian man an anti-Semite, and it seems that every December 7, some moron thinks it is the anniversary of the beginning of WWII), we are not only misinformed, but prone to stupid actions based on that misinformation.

It is stupid and shameful what happened to Mr. Mohamedbhai, and indicative of how ignorant the people of the United States of America have become. We fear the chickens in the henhouse and elect the foxes to the White House -- and damn stupid foxes, sometimes. The news media needs to do a better job of reporting the facts, and maybe our nation will be stronger as a result.

Ancel Phelps


A Political Football

Cure for the common cult: I love Patricia Calhoun's consistent play on words. In that vein/vain, I thought about the Colts this past weekend. Football is such a cult sport: men acting stupid and millions of people paying lots of money to watch them. Her October 26 column on Andrew Lee, "Play Bawl," was great. Wow! What an astonishing kid with an astonishing, great idea!

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