Letters to the Editor

"Ladies' Plight," Patricia Calhoun, February 15

Odd Man Out

I laughed so hard reading "Ladies' Plight" that I snorted beer out my nose.

Steve Horner needs to get a life. I don't mind bars buying drinks for ladies if it means that the bar won't be the usual Denver sausagefest. There's a reason people call this town "Menver." Anything to even the odds.
Hal O'Hara

I've been following Steve Horner's war on ladies' night for the last few months due to the attention it has gotten in the feminist blogosphere. As a result, I was not at all surprised to learn that he threatened to sue Westword. This man, like many who file pointless lawsuits to satisfy some sort of personal vendetta, would benefit from a healthy dose of perspective. A middle-aged white man comparing himself to Rosa Parks is not only laughable, it's insulting to the legacy of a twentieth-century heroine.

But I think he might be surprised to find that a large portion of the feminist community, both in Denver and across the country, would be perfectly happy to say goodbye to ladies' night, as it is little more than another tired attempt by business owners to make a quick buck by exploiting women and exploiting the men who will drop a little cash to ogle the fairer sex as female patrons grow increasingly intoxicated on cheap/free drinks.

It might also benefit the esteemed Mr. Horner to take a poll of his disenfranchised brothers and see how many of them are upset at being required to fork over five dollars to watch women drink for free, in the hopes that the women's level of inebriation will climb high enough for tasteless, opportunist douchebags to screw them.

Perhaps if he realized that by attacking ladies' night he is inadvertently doing a favor to feminists (who have, admittedly, been too preoccupied with protecting women's reproductive rights, ending sexual assault and fighting for equal wages to give this travesty the attention it deserves), he might find it profitable to tone down his misogynist rhetoric. After all, if he wasn't such a woman-hater, he could become a genuine feminist hero.

Or maybe not. Despite his tireless struggle to bring equal rights to men across the city, if the women of Denver truly are "cold as fish and angry," we may still find Steve Horner impossible to warm up to.
Colleen Leggett

For Steve Horner to insinuate that women are the sole beneficiaries of ladies' nights festivities because they get in free and receive BOGO shooters is disingenuous, at best. That aside, his indignant demand for equality with women is laughable. We have yet in this democratic nation to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, which simply affirms that women enjoy the same constitutional rights as men.

I have a proposition for Steve Horner and his ilk: Let's have the men take on the lion's share of domestic chores, raise the babies and, once the babies are of school age, continue to shoulder the majority of housekeeping and child-rearing responsibilities, all while working a forty-plus-hour week that pays seventy-five cents for every dollar earned by a woman doing the same job. In exchange, I would gladly pay a five-dollar cover charge and let the guys in free.

Better yet, let's devote our energy and resources toward creating meaningful change. Let us all cry out as loudly as Horner has, but for the cause of closing the gender-wage gap or preventing ever-escalating domestic violence against women. There is no shortage of critical discrimination issues that need our urgent attention. That women get in free at ladies' night is unlikely to cause any real injury -- except to Steve Horner's self-proclaimed "anti-feminist" sensibilities.
Debra Shirley

"The Punisher," Alan Prendergast, February 8

Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I always enjoy Alan Prendergast's writing style and subjects. I read the article on Carol Chambers and was very impressed with her aggressive stance on repeat offenders; I hope her approach spreads to other counties. I loved the paragraph that ended "...even if their latest crime is a laughably low-rent felony." I didn't realize that there are laughable felonies(?).

I'm still shedding tears over poor Frank Vasquez. If someone is a halfway-house walkaway, I doubt he's leaving because he has to go to church. If he ever gets caught again and he or his buddies need $70 for "tucking in," send me an e-mail and I'll make sure they get it. Sure would be cheaper than paying for their incarceration.
Dean Ruybal

Thank you for the article on Carol Chambers. It is truly frightening to see inhuman apparatchiks like her float to public office, powered by the fuel of confused, robotoid voters who feel that uncontrolled, criminally minded lowlifes are out there to get them in their boring subdivisions with boring golf courses, boring architecture and boring jobs. Insecure and opportunistic assholes running the show create more corpses than drugs and crime put together. The human cost is staggering: people locked up for petty offenses, abused and shat on. Fascism raises its ugly head again, this time in the land of the "free"?
Peter Ketels

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