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It is a complex phenomenon, these faceless people with their signs, sometimes with their children huddled around them. My heart reaches out to them. I hope your readers' hearts do, too . . .and not necessarily with just spare change.
Gene Edwards
Colorado Springs

Thank goodness for writers like Adam Cayton-Holland, whose "Panhandle With Care" reasserts that Denver is a real city, unlike Castle Rock, because we have panhandlers and citizens who give to panhandlers. I couldn't fathom the thought of Denver losing its urban credential by enforcing its ordinances prohibiting solicitation in right-of-ways. What better way to say Denver is cooler than Castle Rock than by poking fun at, demeaning and advocating panhandling? You rock, Adam Cayton-Holland!
Valerie Simmons

I just read the panhandling article, and I must say that it is very much appreciated. Homelessness is, of course, a very complex and multi-dimensional phenomenon, and it's nice to see it looked at in a different light.
Nicholas Arends

Thanks to Adam for the "walk in my brother's shoes" perspective on a newsworthy issue. Not only was the article witty, but it gave us all something to think about. It is sad the way Denver has now chosen to deal with the problem of panhandling and homelessness, by creating the "politically correct" giving receptacle (parking meters on the 16th Street Mall) and its accompanying propaganda. Just one more opportunity to feed the bureaucracy and have absolutely no accounting of how our money is being spent. Maybe that money will go to another out-of-state polling firm to come up with funky figures about how much Denver gives to panhandlers!

At least when we give the guy on the street corner a couple of bucks, we pretty much know he's gonna buy himself a drink! Don't get sucked in, Denver! Go ahead and give if you feel like it! Who's it hurting, anyway?
Ruth Golden

Drink of the Week, Nancy Levine, March 1

Sunspot Spat

Nancy Levine obviously stumbled into an establishment that is frequented more by locals than "cougar" tourists. The bartender has never been rude to me, my family, friends or anyone else in the three years we have been frequenting the Sunspot bar. He has always gone out of his way to give us the best service we have ever had at any establishment.

I am guessing that Nancy may be one of those people who can never be pleased with anything. Maybe she caught him when the bar was just opening -- as I recall, that's around 9 a.m. So I'm wondering what type of person needs a cocktail so early in the morning. If she wants "resort kiss-my-ass treatment," she should try Beaver Creek (Spruce Saddle), Vail (Two Elk Lodge) or Aspen (Ajax Tavern). There's plenty to go around at those areas.
Michael Tobler

"Brokedown Palace," Jason Sheehan, March 8

Disney on Ice

Thanks to Jason Sheehan for his great review of the D Note, where the DeGraff brothers and their rad crew have established a home away from home for us working musicians. An amazingly eclectic assortment of musical talent comes through the D Note as the patrons listen and munch meditatively on their pizzas. The D Note is clearly the most signficant live-music and dining venue in Jefferson County. In its juxtaposition of avant-garde musical aesthetics and family-friendly ambience, the "Note" is possibly unmatched in the metro area.

Hopefully, more folks will come to experience the D Note, and in their post-prandial stroll past the other awesome venues in the neighborhood (such as Bliss Cafe and La Dolce Vita) will discover that Olde Town Arvada is not some Disney-esque suburban "Arvadaland," but a genuine destination for hungry supporters of live music.
Jacques Delaguerre

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