Letters to the Editor

Worst-Case Scenario, Kenny Be, April 5

This Idea Stinks!

Shame on you, Kenny Be. How could you not mention pit bulls and meth when discussing Commerce City's name change? If the idiot riche moved to Reunion without doing their homework, that's just too damn bad. If the good people of Commerce City ever do change the name, I hope they go with Crystal City...but I guess they already call it that.
James G. Ayling

Interesting ideas from Kenny Be regarding the future of the industrial heart of the Front Range. As with those who voted against the name change, I say, with respect, "No thanks."

I work in this area and spend a lot of time up here. Commerce City is one of the few areas in the metro region that has yet to be yuppified, gentrified and sissified into a parody of its former self. Indeed, many areas of Colorado resemble an Old West theme park, displacing folks who once earned a living from the land and replacing them with drugstore cowboys who have more money than brains. Commerce City is still full of folks who work for a living, and has a housing stock that working people can afford.

I'd like to see an old-school part of the Front Range preserved rather than turned into another BloDo or Cherry Creep. For those who don't like the occasional bad smell wafting their way, head back to the concrete canyons of downtown Denver.
Pat Desrosiers

The Best of Denver, March 29

The Bust of Denver

For years I've been holding my tongue about the Best of Denver; however, this year's issue ruptured something inside me and put me in stitches. And so I think a new Best of Denver category should be submitted: The Best Place to Read a Best of Denver List and Try to Figure Out Which Staff Member Picked What Winner and Why. Most winners win in part because of their relation to the writers'/ judges' personal tastes (as all winners are not chosen by writers/staff), but most become Best of Denver simply because the judges have heard of them, or they just did a piece on them, or they advertise with the paper or, worse, the paper wants them to advertise in the future.

It's no secret that Westword does not have the pulse of any scene in Denver, but the Best of Denver issue is an annual reminder of this. So for Westword readers disappointed that their cool new underground record store, nightclub or restaurant didn't make the Best Of, don't fret. Laugh it off. After all, if you're in the issue, it's probably because you've been around for a while and they've heard of you, or they're one of your friends (so it doesn't count), or they want your advertising revenue to reach other out-of-touch demographics that they cater to.

Hey, Westword, it could be worse: 5280 once voted Starbucks the best coffeehouse in Denver. At least your staff members aren't that behind the Denver community's cultural curve -- well, at least not yet.
Charlie Russell

In response to being voted the Best Underground Venue in Denver, we would like to personally thank all the voters for sucking the essence out of the idea of underground. To the person who thought it best to put our exact address in a mass-read paper, without any approval from us whatsoever, we would like to thank you for your utter disrespect and stupidity. All the previous spaces mentioned in the award description got shut down because of selfish journalists looking for a quick ego boost in exposing an underground space. The blast-o-mat is more than a "haven for misfits and rockers"; we are a community that provides a safe space to play and practice music. The labels so generously dealt upon us have nothing to do with what we are about, and are only proof of one's ignorance and laziness. To say that we are the latest space to carry the torch is already assuming that we won't last.

By including us in your Best of Denver, you are making us a part of your system, and we are not and never will be. Word of mouth is the core of the underground, not some hopped-up blurb about how we are the best. Because of this publication, we are no longer underground. Thank you again for helping us realize that no matter how under the radar one is, there is always some loudmouth waiting for the wrong time to kill a good thing.

Erase us from your agenda; we no longer exist. You shut us down. Perhaps you should have everyone in the editorial department define the word "underground" -- for your reference, of course.
The Blast Beatz

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