Letters to the Editor

"Girl Trouble," Patricia Calhoun, May 24

Isn't That Special?

Your column on ladies' nights gave me a great laugh, Ms. Calhoun. I just love to read about women's justifications for "special deals" because, well, they deserve them.

How would you feel if women had to pay more than men? How would you feel if a bunch of us white boys started a "whites only group"? (After all, there is the United Negro College Fund, which I happen to think does a tremendous amount of good.)

Let's "cat" to the chase: Women want equal rights, but only for women!
Howard W. Zoufaly

Steve Horner needs to get a life! How about interviewing his ex-wife?
Heather O'Riley

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"Pittsburgh Stealer," Eryc Eyl, May 24

The Joke's on Us

Eryc Eyl missed the boat with his profile of Gregg Gillis. Mr. Gillis, aka Girl Talk, is the perfect embodiment — or unfortunate result — of the Family Guy generation. His work is the aural equivalent of a Family Guy episode. There is no substance to what Gillis produces, but rather a long string of unrelated references. Girl Talk's latest album, Night Ripper, is entertaining inasmuch as you catch the joke. Like a prop comic who combines two unrelated items to create a wacky new one, Girl Talk is Carrot Top for the unwashed hipster masses.

Problem is, none of his fans or the scribes who write about him see his work as a joke or novelty, which it clearly is. Eyl calls Gillis a "musician" with a straight face. One can certainly call him a DJ, a producer or most assuredly an extremely gifted and clever sound engineer. But a musician? If Girl Talk is a musician, then every programmer at EA Sports can just as confidently be called an athlete.
Dave Garner

Ask a Mexican, Gustavo Arellano

Comic Relief

Gustavo, for the past six months, I've been providing you with the highest-quality cartoon humor that a twenty-cent Bic can produce (see www.myprisoncomicstrip. com) and asking you the tough questions no self-respecting Mexican would shy away from. In return, you ignore me while running that third-rate, masturbatory drivel I see in your column each week.

I recently had a visit from a voodoo lady and paid her, with money I got from one of your kind, to put a hex on your pitiful life. Be prepared for a scrotum infection that slowly, painfully and irreversibly creeps up your ass until your balls disintegrate, culminating in your dick shriveling up and falling off. So while you still have a dick, go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!
Michael Brodsky
Cañon City

"You're Toast!" Jessica Centers, May 3

Owning Up

"You're Toast!" appears very well thought-out and researched. However, it does not represent the vast majority of franchisees in Colorado or the nation. TSFA only represents 10 percent of all franchisees nationwide. This negative publicity toward Quiznos' brand is a slap in the face to other Quiznos franchisees, as well as Greg Brenneman. Within a couple of short months, he has changed things dramatically. My food cost last year was at 32 percent and has now dropped to 27 percent. That's 5 percent more in my pocket. Discount coupons are almost non-existent, plus many cost-cutting measures have made my store more profitable. Greg's goal is to allow each owner to bring home $15,000 extra. Wouldn't it be nice if you got a $15,000 raise this year?

What I'm saying is that things have changed within Quiznos. They are trying to make things right with us owners. If this article had come out a year ago, I would agree with it 100 percent, but with a new CEO and management, I see Quiznos rebounding back to where we were in the beginning, when everyone made money.
Jimmy Le

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