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Personally, I cling to the hope that organizations such as Padres Unidos and Jovenes Unidos will crack this nut, or that perhaps a bright, shining star of a student coming out of Academia Ana Marie Sandoval will eventually be able to figure out what's the matter with North — and virtually every other public school in Denver and Adams counties, many in Jefferson and Arapahoe counties, as well as those in Weld, Pueblo, El Paso, Grand, et al.

One of those hard-hitting investigative journalists down to the Westword might also look into the persistent rumor that teachers hired to replace those at North who've been fired or who have "resigned" (grown weary of the spectacle of a bunch of monkeys trying to fuck a football) — or, for that matter, at any school in Denver, most schools in Adams, and many in Jefferson and Arapahoe counties — must be fluent in a language other than English in order to be employed with them. Oddly, fluency in English is not required of the students. I'm taking a refresher course in German as we speak. German's not English. I figure I'll be a shoo-in!
JM Schell

I thoroughly enjoyed Joel Warner's profile of Aron Palma, and I want to applaud Aron for the impressive work that he has done at North High School. I am always happy to hear about the success of Denver Public Schools students. I graduated in 2005 from George Washington High School (albeit the International Baccalaureate magnet program), and I'm proud of my DPS education at schools like Harrington Elementary and GWHS; the education I received has served me very well.

Aron's passion for helping others in his community stood out and inspired me to write. At Princeton, I've been heavily involved in our University chapter of Engineers Without Borders, part of the national (Colorado-based) NGO that promotes sustainable engineering projects around the globe. University chapters develop relationships with a particular village in the developing world, and over a five-year period, the students design and execute projects with the help of their community partners. Although based in engineering, the projects also include education and community activism, and participants are not limited to engineering students. When I read that Aron is planning to study engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, I immediately checked to see if they have a chapter (which they do). For me, EWB has expanded my community (and indeed my family) to include 135 Peruvian villagers in the Andean foothills, a formative experience that has shaped what I want to do with my life to serve others. My DPS education played a role in developing my passion for justice and preparing me for work with diverse groups facing challenging situations. I hope that Aron finds equally enriching opportunities in college, be it through EWB or another organization.
Shannon M. Brink

Drunk of the Week, Patrick Osborn, May 31

A Pub Nuisance

My girlfriend and I, who are frequent patrons of Pint's Pub, had the misfortune to be sitting at the table next to Patrick Osborn's party. He wasn't an easy person to forget, as he appeared to be extremely agitated and was exceptionally rude to the waitstaff and manager, something he neglected to point out in his column. The waitstaff and manager calmly explained to him that it was Pub policy that children weren't allowed in the bar area, something that isn't unreasonable. They also informed him that since they were extremely busy, they didn't have any room in the downstairs restaurant section but could accommodate his party upstairs. With each attempt to please Mr. Osborn and party, he became increasingly angry and belligerent toward the staff, who were merely doing their jobs.

Quite frankly, whether he agrees or disagrees with an establishment's policy, Mr. Osborn should learn to treat people who are merely doing their jobs with more dignity and respect. I, for one, will not miss his presence in either Westword or my local hangouts. I wonder if he'll write an article for Stars and Stripes berating the Armed Forces for not allowing him to bring his infant into a war zone.
Chris Williams

Now Hear This, Michael Roberts, May 31

Look the Other Way

Since when do looks have anything to do with musical ability? I have been to two of Elliott Yamin's concerts, and they were magnificent! I thought you wrote reviews so people would attend a concert. Jeez, if I worked at your establishment, I would have to let Michael Roberts go.
Nancy Nasetta
Richmond, Virginia

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