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I am a former employee of Lost and Found — a statement I make with pride, for I wholeheartedly support the mission of the Found and believe its success to be a blessing of the Lord. I, too, once believed that sex offenders, drug addicts and other such offenders should be locked up, far away, throw away the key! That was before my in-depth training and experience with this particular residential treatment facility. You must understand that the residents are never without supervision, even when sleeping, and that every resource is used to change the thinking, attitude and actions of these young people. Coping tools are provided where none before existed; love and safety envelop these lost children as never before.

In the history of our world, when has reacting in fear and ignorance ever resulted in positive change? I beg the people of Open your hearts and minds to the possibility that welcoming this facility into your midst may have a beneficial impact on your community. Like your own children, these teens had no control over the circumstances of their births, but they are here now, and it would serve you and your families well to embrace the potential that each of them possesses rather than to turn your back, listing them as not your problem. I am now a mother of four children, all under the age of seven, and I would not hesitate to cohabitate as a neighbor of Lost and Found. The Found is doing an immeasurable favor to us and our children by rehabilitating these kids while it is still possible to effect change in their lives.

Tell me, and them, if not this proposed site, where do you want them to go? An internment camp, maybe? While we're at it, why not brand them with a mark to warn all of their previous sins? So long as it's not in your neighborhood, what do you care, right? That is, until it's your child, nephew, neighbor who experiments with drugs, sex, gangs, etc. Then what? Where will you or they turn for help after you've relegated the only people trained and willing to make a difference to "anywhere but here"?

Please take into consideration the track record of Lost and Found, both with its neighbors and residents. I am proud to have been associated with an organization committed to the safety and future of all our children.
Terri Soukup

Now Hear This, Michael Roberts, June 7

Guitar Hero

I first became aware of Richard Thompson when I stumbled into the Blue Note in Boulder with about 75 other lucky people during the Richard and Linda divorce tour. I've been a bit of a rabid fan ever since. As I read the last sentence of Michael Roberts's review, "still hasn't paid off" caught my eye. On the one hand, I agree: He's every bit the guitarist Eric Clapton is — and, in some ways, more. Although widespread fame and monetary compensation in relationship to talent haven't appeared, still...traveling the world to sold-out small shows of adoring fans, playing with a wide variety of groups and styles at a moderate pace, doesn't look like too bad of a life, either.

Richard Ray

"TB or Not TB," Adam Cayton-Holland, June 7

Flight for Life

At least Andrew Speaker made a conscious decision. Most people never even think about "Is my kid bothering the person in the seat in front?" or "Did I pick up the avian flu on the stopover in China?" All things considered, given the choice to be confined in Italy or come home to the most advanced medical care in the world, I would have done the same thing.
Jerry Riley

"Kink in the System," Joel Warner, June 7

Of Human Bondage

I'm behind Michael and Deb all the way. I hope that the case is taken not only to the Colorado Supreme Court, but also to the United States Supreme Court. I get tired of BDSM being considered something depraved and evil. It's about time that our voices are heard loud and clear and we can do what we do without fear of repercussions or shame.

Let's keep it safe, sane, consensual and fun!

All eyes are on this case. Please keep the great news coming, and let's hang together and win.
Darlene Thompson
Melbourne, Florida

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