Letters to the Editor

Worst-Case Scenario, Kenny Be, July 26

Get a Life!

Thank you for the hilarious "Ads for Bad Moms and Dads" Kenny Be cartoon! It makes me wonder: Why would anyone try to make abortion or birth control illegal when there is already so little respect for the life that's already here?
Robbie Hobein

"Tug of War," Jessica Centers, July 26

For Adults Only

I've been in two custody fights — without a lawyer — and won both times. You don't need a lawyer to win; you just need to be right.

I believe this is Darla's problem. She's seeking a divorce, and suddenly there's a "finger in the butt" story. Takes a few tries, but the kid finally corroborates. She gets Dad out of the picture for a year but he returns. Suddenly it's a "penis in the butt" story! Kid won't go along this time, though. Shame. Most abused children continue to love and look for approval from the abusive parent. All the "ex-Dad" and "I want to kill Dad" feels like it's coming from an adult.
Jill Lee

"Aarrgghh!," Jason Sheehan, July 26

Shape Up or Ship Out

I've felt this way for a long time, but my friends who agree with me tell me to just let it go. Why does your food reviewer have to do three or four paragraphs in his shitty writing ability about boring crap about his wife and his hotel experiences? Let's face it: This jerk does not belong in the Brown Palace, let alone reviewing it.

I think he should be shipped back to Philly so he can do reviews of greasy spoons.

I have forty years' experience in restaurants here and in Europe, including owner/chef of a Spanish tapa restaurant in Seattle and a macrobiotic restaurant in Tangiers. I really question your reviewer's ability to review food or restaurants. Give him another idiom or release him.

I'm finished.
Carlitos King

Flick Pick, Taylor Sullivan, July 26

The Ugly American

Oy vey! The first line of Taylor Sullivan's capsule review of Triad Election indicated it was going to make my brain hurt: "When a Hong Kong action flick comes into your grasp, what else can you expect but fast, awesome martial arts?"

Mmmmm I dunno, how about some "awesome" shoot-'em gunplay à la classic John Woo or Ringo Lam? Solid yuks courtesy of Stephen Chow? Crazy fantasy from Tsui Hark? Maybe you heard of a little cops-and-crooks thriller called Infernal Affairs — which was also low on bullets and martial arts. It was remade in the United States as The Departed. Yes, THAT Departed.

To continue Sullivan's quote: "Triad Election shattered that stereotype, making me feel like the asshole who speaks slowly and loudly to anyone who looks foreign, only to be answered with 'I speak English, dumbass.'"

It's apparent that Sullivan is the asshole who speaks slowly and loudly to anyone who looks foreign. He just did it to Triad Election. The topper of his review: "But there's not a drop of kung fu: Triad Election channels Michael Corleone more than Bruce Lee."

Wow. Just fucking WOW. Apparently the author also thinks that when speaking to an Asian, you must speak slowly, loudly and not make any sudden moves — or they might kung-fu your ass.
Jay Spear

"Still Crazy," Michael Paglia, July 26

Still the One

Once again, Michael Paglia has exhibited his vast knowledge of American art. His coverage of Clyfford Still was superb. He is simply the best purveyor of art news and art-related ideas in Denver. A paragon of artistic perspicacity.
Tom Turnquist

"Wino Tasting," Jared Jacang Maher, July 12

Bum Rap

Where did you scrape up this semi-talent?

First we get a story about graffiti vandals ("Canned Heat," June 21). Now a touching look at another of the dregs of society, street alcoholics. What's next? A beautiful portrait of crack whores? A sympathetic portrayal of baby rapers?

Jared Jacang Maher should go back to the high school newspaper he left, where he probably covered skateboarding and Xbox, and write about something we actually care about. I'm no Don DeLillo or Ernest Hemingway or even a Bob Kravitz, but I could put a story together, and about something worth reading, better than this misplaced, so-called "writer." Try me.

Believe me: Neither I, nor — and I'm guessing here — your advertisers want to see his continuing saga of portraying the worst elements of our society as if they hold some redeeming value.
Marty Hucek

"High Trauma," Alan Prendergast, July 19

Law and Ardor

I was interested in "High Trauma" because I know the attorney, David Mintz. About twenty years ago, Mr. Mintz did some pro bono work for me. All I can say is thank God he was there. I found him to be hardworking, honest and compassionate. There is no doubt in my mind that he is simply trying to protect his clients.

I do hope that your paper has not simply repeated allegations without any evidence. It is one thing for those "medical professionals" to attack Mr. Mintz's character instead of answering any of the questions about their bills, but another for them to produce proof of those allegations.

Knowing him as I do, I am not surprised that he is going all out to protect his clients.
Tena Whitlock-Burke

Is the saying "Let's kill all the lawyers," or "Let's bill all the lawyers"? Great story about a disgusting bunch of humans.
Jerry Vigil

"Friends With Benefits," Ella Taylor, July 19

Nothing Funny

Regarding your review of I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry:

Yeah, I just find it a laugh riot that if my partner of a decade were to get struck by a bus, I'd have none of the rights afforded a man who'd married a Colfax hooker the night before. Gay marriage is a real scream, ain't it?
David Maddux

"Dark Arts," Scott Foundas, July 12

Fowles Bawl

I'm an academic/scholar/critic of John Fowles, so I was intrigued by Scott Foundas's description of "the odd touches of Fowles-ian homoeroticism between Harry and the jilted Ron Weasley" in his review of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. How is homoeroticism in some way characteristic of Fowles? I don't recall any gay characters or even any sexual tension among males in his fiction, nor do I recall that he ever commented on homosexuality. What am I missing? Or did he just mean by Fowles-ian that they're in an extreme situation? Or something else? I'd be grateful to know what he had in mind.
James Aubrey

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