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As for what "white people" might name things, even the Nazis considered the Spanish of Aryan blood. To help with Ms. Rosen's continuing geo-historical education, the other half of this state carries French names. And the third half English. And there's even another half that has German names. And a big half with Native American names. I believe Ms. Rosen, like so many other racists, confuses language with skin color. I hope she never runs across a French-speaking "black" from Cameroon, or a "yellow" who speaks English. She'll end up like that little robot that Captain Kirk (whose crew was made up of "blacks," "whites," "yellows" and even a "green") had to beam into deep space.
JM Schell

Ask A Mexican, August 9

Reign of Error

To the Mexican: You answered Un Poco Loco saying, "Dear Mucho Crazy Gabacho." Isn't saying "mucho crazy" akin to saying "mucho loco" or "mucho bien" (instead of "muy loco" or "muy bien")?
Dave Nereson

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