Letters to the Editor

"Bad Santa," Off Limits, December 20

Dog in the Manger

This seems to be about a pervert reporter who is trying to make some kind of name for himself (does sleaze fit?). The Children's Museum is a great place, and having a Santa there was a good thing. This reporter has probably written his own interpretation of the birth of Jesus. Smutty, I am sure. I have lost a lot of respect for Westword.
John Pippenger
Grand Junction

"Gone," Jared Jacang Maher, December 20

A Hole in the Heart

The pain in my heart started with an instant message from one of my co-workers: "Hey, did you know Johnny Polzin?" I said that I did, and my co-worker told me to read the main story in Westword.

At first I was thinking maybe John's band got signed, or something was going on at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Then I read "Gone," and my night shattered all around me. Shit. I think I even swore aloud, despite being at my desk at work. Right at that moment, I didn't care. I had just found out that Johnny, a friend who was like a brother to me for almost eleven years, was dead. I didn't believe what I was reading. It took about half an hour for it to sink in, and then I got up, looked at my co-worker, said, "I need a fucking cigarette," and walked outside.

My friend Dale told me that it might help to write down memories about Johnny. But I couldn't. Couldn't think of any memories of Johnny. Couldn't think of anything at all. My mind was blank.

I received the best piece of advice from my mom today: "It's okay to cry when someone dies. If you cry, you know they did their job." I am now out of tears and can think clearly. I can remember Johnny and the strange stuff he did. But I can't honestly think of any bad memories. Yeah, he did a lot of stupid shit, but he always did it with a smile on his face and always got a laugh out of someone who needed it.

Here's to Johnny...may he find peace and happiness, wherever he may be.
Kyle Boster
Wheat Ridge

I found "Gone" very interesting! Johnny's parents want to sue the company on whose land Johnny was trespassing. Now, what I found interesting in the article was how all these people found gates and doors open when they happened to come by to go into these places! Reminds me of the person who found my garage door open after using a battering ram on it about a dozen times. And these people don't take copper wire or souvenirs but just are there to explore! But, gee, when they are actually arrested coming out of the place, they seem to have a souvenir — totally amazing!  I guess those removing the copper wire from the telephone poles with transformers on them just got caught in the wire as they were passing and had to remove the dangerous wire. Too bad for the people living near the pole when lightning hits that pole.

I have not seen Derf's "The City" lately.  With articles such as this and no Derf, I see no reason to continue reading your rag!
Donald L. Ferry

"Viral Marketing," Jared Jacang Maher, December 13

His and Herpes

Um, do we have so few things going on in Denver that we need to read about Julene and her herpes stickers? So sad.

And the "asshole" mentioned in this article is her former best friend. She has his lips tattooed on her ass, he has her lips tattooed on his ass — you know, the stuff that new-age hipster-hell friendships are made of. The "serious falling out" in question? She dated some guy who may or may not have had herpes, and the "asshole" knew about it and didn't warn her. Who cares about what bothersome hipster is infecting whom with herpes and HPV? Now, if they could only infect one another with a dose of personality, that would be something.
S. Moore

It's interesting that people still have such a stigma about herpes that they can use it to put someone down. At this point, 20 to 25 percent of Coloradans have the genital version of the disease (that's approximately one million people). Everyone knows someone who has it...although they may not know which friend/relative it is. Too many people are scared, humiliated and lonely because of something that is literally a sexually transmitted skin disorder. I'm starting a nonprofit to support people with herpes and HPV at

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