Letters: Upcoming state GOP meeting will be for martyrs only

"Recount!" Patricia Calhoun, February 10
Call the GOPs!

Patricia Calhoun wrote a very good, insightful critique about the ramifications and consequences of the election for the GOP, which should have been seen beforehand. The 2010 Colorado governor's race, with Grand Junction's Josh Penry bowing out of the GOP selection process to his former boss, Scott McInnis, and Tom Tancredo's demonstrated political punch to wipe out numerous possible GOP independent and maverick voices besides party hacks should make the March 26 Colorado Republican State Central Committee to pick a new GOP state party chair more than interesting to GOP party insiders. It will be for martyrs only.

I hope Pitkin County, Eagle County, Garfield County and Mesa County do note that the Colosseum's lions are starving for meat to eat. 

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California

"$howtime," Jef Otte, February 17

I agree with Jef Otte that we have indeed reached the nadir of our culture, and I don't know Ke$ha from Katy Perry.  I also believe that we are at the acme of our culture, in that 99.9 percent of all art ever created is available to us now, and virtually at our fingertips. Geniuses and masterpieces abound from every age, although music recording is a relatively new technology, like cinema, for which to give infinite thanks. 

Jef, there have always been Ke$shas and Tom Joneses and old favorites who have grown embarrassingly lame or passé, like Metallica.  I understand you need to cop an attitude, and your writing is lively and well-constructed cynicism, but next time I'll bet you'll be raving about someone or something that really moves you. You know it's out there, you want it, and it's inevitable.

Jimi Bernath


"Relativity," Laura Shunk, February 17

Bubba Chinos sounds like a slightly better version of Taco House. I agree that Chubby's-style green chile is good, but is it that good? It's just kind of a Denver thing that we will never shake. This is what gives Denver Mexican food no stake as a regional cuisine. Oh, but wait: It's Chicano food. Great, that will put us on the map. Here we are, trying to become a food town, while glowing about places like this. One step forward, two steps back.

Brian Becker


What's next? Burger King reviews? One of the thousands of so-called Mexican restaurants in Denver serving yet another tortilla filled with slop. Yeah, it's good, fast and cheap fast food, but even at its best, it's junk — and not nearly as good as heroin or sex.

Aron Bauman

Wheat Ridge

"The Devil's Playground," Alan Prendergast, February 3

Good article by Alan Prendergast; it kept my interest. I read that they did a survey of ten (?) California prisons, and 27 percent of the prisoners had been raped, which would be an astronomical percentage on the outside. The movie American Me, with James Edward Olmos, has the cell-block con type down (the lowlife prisoner leader of a cell block) and the prison-rapist-in-denial type down. It's a very ugly, truthful film, and a great deterrent for anyone thinking prison is any kind of refuge if you happen to get caught. Unfortunately, nothing about our justice system is trustworthy; I would prefer a prison system like the Japanese have: no nonsense! Low recidivism there, with prison much worse than any temptations on the outside! Like our streets, our prisons are full of the insane, the semi-insane, the sick, addicts and drug dealers — and the morally without a clue...

Gene Edwards

Colorado Springs

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