Lindsay Lohan's Colorado SCRAM anklet not the reason she's going to jail

Actress Lindsay Lohan's going to jail -- but her SCRAM ankle bracelet, tracked by Littleton's Alcohol Monitoring Systems, isn't why.

Indeed, Lohan reportedly gave a California judge plenty of reasons to put her behind bars beyond keeping her out of them.

In May, AMS spokeswoman Kathleen Brown shared details about the type of SCRAM anklet Lohan had been ordered to sport in the wake of 2007 drunk-driving convictions. She made it clear that if folks wearing the device party, someone at the company's office would know about it, and fast.

Then, in June, Lohan's anklet went off -- and while she denied imbibing following an MTV awards ceremony she attended, she was ordered to appear in court again anyhow.

Turns out, however, that the SCRAM alarm wasn't nearly as important during yesterday's hearing as testimony that Lohan had repeatedly skipped out on alcohol-education classes she'd been ordered to attend.

She's expected to begin her sentence on July 20 -- and in the meantime, she's still supposed to wear the anklet.

Which will probably be going off regularly between now and then. After all, what are they gonna do if she guzzles now? Send her to jail?

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