Little Boy Lust

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And on top of the taboos involved in this crime, cultural differences again make the case more difficult. Many Asian cultures discourage any talk about feelings or emotions, says Frank Kim, a psychologist for the Asian Pacific Development Center, a Denver-based resource agency for Colorado's Asian immigrants. "It's seen as an imposition on the listener to talk about personal problems," Kim says. "Most young people don't have an ability to talk about their internal stages, but for an Asian kid it's also frowned on."

On this point of traditional culture, the boy's father hasn't seemed willing to bend.

"This incident was so outrageous that it is better not to talk about it directly," Duc Tran says. But after watching his son deteriorate steadily since he was sexually assaulted, his father decided to do what he could and has contacted the Asian Pacific Center.

"He changed so much," says Dinh's father. "He has so much anger now. We waited for help, but now we can't wait anymore.

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