Lowenstein complex on Colfax -- let there be light!

The lights went on outside the Lowenstein yesterday -- ten hours after we published a post about frustrated business owners who'd had been kept in the dark about the status of the "enhanced transit corridor"" project along East Colfax Avenue. But shortly after 6 p.m., we got the word from one of those business owners: "Whoo-freakin'-hoo!"

The city's Colfax East project called for not just improved curbs and sidewalks and new trees, but 167 pedestrian lights -- three dozen of them painted a special "Greektown Blue" in the six-block stretch of the street that comprise Greektown. But while the fixtures had been installed months ago, they had never been turned on.

A business owner on Colfax finally contacted Westword a week ago. She'd been trying to get an explanation of the delay since October, she told us, and no one had been able to shed light on the situation. Being left in the dark was increasingly frustrating, she said, especially during the the holiday shopping season. So she asked us to shine a spotlight on the problem..

Conspiracy or coincidence? Last night the lights came on outside the Lowenstein, the complex that holds a Tattered Cover, Twist & Shout and Sies FilmCenter, among other business, and the city now seems on track to illuminate the entire stretch by the end of the week. From our archives: "Colfax businesses in the dark over Greektown's blue-light special."

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