Mad for Mad Men at the DNC

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Take a memo, Ms. Levine: John Slattery and Jon Hamm with our Drink of the Week columnist.

Mad Men Jon Hamm and John Slattery, the actors who play '60s advertising execs Don Draper and Roger Sterling, respectively, on AMC's stylish, smokin' hot original series, had just flown into Denver and were in the house, along with Talia Balsam, who's Slattery's wife both on the show and in reality. She was also once married to George Clooney, which I found out when I Googled for her credits, because her part somehow doesn't rank the AMC cast list on the home page. For that matter, I didn't find any mention of a movie Slattery made with Sela Ward, Catch a Falling Star, which played on Lifetime -- and Slattery would have been a refreshing sight at Tuesday night's Lifetime party, when the most famous person in the room was some Washington, D.C. official. According to that official.

But the stars were definitely out Wednesday night at the Pepsi Center, and none shone brighter than Hamm, whose Draper is a very complicated character, a man who's reinvented himself and wants to be good, but can be so very, very bad. While he's looking unbelievably good.

"He's so handsome, I can't even look at him," said an equally starstruck colleague. "It's like an eclipse. You can try to look at this amazing sight, but if you do, you know your eyeballs will get seared in your head or something."

We're Mad as hell, and could take this for a very long time. -- Patricia Calhoun

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