See ya, Travis. Wouldn't wanna be ya -- unless I had a whole lot of condoms.

Madden 2009 Preview: Broncos Beat Raiders

The cover boy of Madden 2009, the latest version of the video-game staple, which hits stores on August 12, is none other than Brett Favre, who presumably won't be wearing his current New York Jets uniform -- although given the alleged Madden jinx, J-E-T-S fanatics will probably be fine with that. But that's not the only out-of-date thing about the game. The image above features Travis Henry, a baller (in every sense of the word) who was sent packing in June.

Broncos boosters probably won't complain, though, especially when playing a feature called Madden Moments. YouTuber AlePan2950 describes the feature like so: "The game pulls 32 highlight-reel-worthy scenarios from last year's season... and puts you at the helm to relive their outcome." Check out an example below with a pre-beta sample featuring Jay Cutler tossing a touchdown pass in overtime to smoke the Oakland Raiders. Just because the victory is virtual doesn't make it any less sweet. -- Michael Roberts

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