Maggie Leiman ID'd as victim of Army vet son's Indian Hills triple shooting (37)

Update: Yesterday, we told you about a shooting at the Indian Hills home of Bruce and Maggie Leiman that left two people dead; see previous coverage below.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has now released the names of those who died: Maggie and Bruce's son Robert Leiman, who's believed to have shot his parents and then turned his gun on himself. There's also information that Robert tried to kill his stepsister, too, but she managed to survive the horrific ordeal. New details and video below.

JCSO deputies arrived at the Leiman's 23038 Pawnee Road home at 10:05 p.m. on Monday, January 21, after dispatch received a 911 call from a young woman now identified as Sarah McConaghie, 24. She's the daughter of Maggie. Sarah's LinkedIn page lists her as having attended Fort Lewis College in Durango and interning at a Walt Disney Company restaurant through January 2013; at the time of the shooting, the sheriff's office notes that she was living at home.

As we've previously reported, Sarah told the 911 operator that her stepbrother was firing at her parents. The dispatcher heard shots and screaming in the background. Then, shortly thereafter, Sarah said she couldn't hear her parents anymore.

Sarah hid in a closet until deputies arrived. They gained entry through an unlocked rear door and soon discovered three bodies. Two people were dead: Robert, who'd taken his own life, and Maggie, struck by multiple gunshots. Bruce, too, was hit more than once, but survived. At last report, he remained hospitalized, but is expected to recovery.

The sheriff's office reveals that Sarah was also targeted by Robert, who used a revolver he owned.

Investigators believe an argument between Robert and his parents took place on the main level of the home. During it, Robert went to his room to retrieve the gun, then opened fire on Maggie and Bruce. He also fired several shots into Sarah's room before killing himself.

For his part, Robert, 25, was an Army veteran. CBS4 quotes his grandfather as saying he served for seven years in Korea and Iraq, spending at least part of that time with Special Forces. Records list him as a combat engineer who also went through Fort Carson.

Robert's grandfather thinks military training played a role in what happened, as is pointed out in the CBS4 report here. Below that is our previous coverage.

Our condolences to Sarah and other friends, family and loved ones shaken by this terrible incident.

Continue for our previous coverage of the triple shooting in Indian Hills. Original post, 6:55 a.m. January 22: On Monday night, a young woman frantically dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that her stepbrother had opened fire in the family's Indian Hills home.

By the time Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deputies arrived at the scene, two people were dead and a third was hurt, not including the young woman.

The victims have not yet been identified, but the house belonged to Bruce and Maggie Leiman, who lived there with their two kids, a boy and a girl. See photos, video and details below.

The JCSO marks the time of the 911 call as 10:05 p.m. on January 20. The official report characterizes the incident as a "family disturbance and shooting."

According to 7News, the 911 operator on the line with the young woman heard gunshots and a scream in the background of the call. After that, the dispatcher said, "She can't hear her parents anymore."

The home, on the 23000 block of Pawnee Road, is listed as the home office of Bruce Leiman, a realtor. Here's his Facebook profile photo:

Bruce's Facebook "About" section says he's a graduate of John F. Kennedy High School in Denver and Western State College in Gunnison. He opened his real estate agency in late 1994.

As for Maggie, here's an image from her Facebook page:

Maggie is listed as the owner of Halcyon Travel. This is how she introduces herself on the site:
I'm Maggie Leiman, travel agent & owner of Halcyon Travel and a Certified Sandals Specialist.

Internet Travel sites list hotels and destinations, but offer little else. My years of experience travelling and being in the industry will help you design your perfect trip. From romantic getaways, SCUBA diving trips, to destinations weddings or fun family vacations, I'll handle all the details. Traveling should not be stressful. You can count on me for your peaceful, tranquil, carefree trip.

What took place at the Leiman home certainly doesn't fit the description of tranquility. What happened?

Continue for more about the triple shooting in Indian Hills, including additional photos and a video. Upon their arrival at the home, deputies were able to enter the home through an unlocked rear door, the JCSO notes. They immediately began a search that ended with the discovery of three people suffering from gunshot wounds.

Two of the individuals were pronounced dead at the scene, including the presumed gunman. The third was rushed to a nearby hospital by air ambulance. At last report, the survivor is said to have been in stable condition.

As for the young woman who'd made the initial phone call, she was found safe. She had locked herself in a bedroom and was hiding in a closet when deputies discovered her.

Among the law enforcers who responded to the scene were members of the bomb squad, owing to some chemicals found in a vehicle at the address.

This last move appears to have been a precautionary measure. Thus far, there have been no reports about explosive devices or the like on the property.

The investigation into what took place is continuing. But no matter what surfaces, one fact will remain unchanged: A family has been shaken to its core by an incredible tragedy.

Here's the 7News report:

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