Man raped on Capitol Hill: See sketches of two suspects here

During the early hours of Sunday morning, a particularly brutal crime took place on Capitol Hill.

According to the Denver Police Department, a man was sexually assaulted by not one but two suspects.

The pair managed to get away, but the victim was able to provide investigators with detailed descriptions. See them here, along with the sketches they inspired and a map of the area.

Police say the incident took place at around 12:30 a.m. on March 10. The victim was walking near the intersection of East 13th Avenue and North Emerson Street when he was taken to a nearby location by two men, both of whom sexually assaulted him.

Here's a sketch of the first suspect:

The DPD's description of the suspect reads: "A medium-skin-toned black male in his mid-twenties with a small afro. He was about 6'1" to 6'2" tall, weighing 135 to 140 lbs. He had a noticeable scar over his left eye, through his eyebrow. He was wearing a red shirt with no collar with black lettering on the front. He wore a dark-colored hooded sweat jacket, blue or black jeans and black sneakers. He was also wearing a gold watch with a gold sectioned band on his right arm."

This is an illustration of suspect number two:

The DPD description, which references observations by the victim: "A white male in his mid-twenties, with brownish blonde hair in a short buzz cut. He was 6'1" to 6'2" tall with a very muscular build and weighing about 200 lbs. He was wearing a black, shiny windbreaker-type jacket, dark jeans and Nike high-top tennis shoes. He had a tattoo on his right forearm that he described as letters in a language other than English, but not Chinese. The suspect had a silver ring on one of his fingers that looked like a large class ring. He stated that suspect #2 had a deep voice."

If you recognize either of these suspects, phone Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP (7867). An award of up to $2,000 is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of these two, whose actions have no doubt caused anxiety among residents of an extremely vibrant Denver neighborhood.

Here's an interactive graphic of the area near the crime scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

View Larger Map

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