Manning crushes: Ten reasons straight men might go gay for Peyton Manning

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Number 10: He looks good even when he isn't trying

Earlier this year, Peyton and his brother, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, did a rap parody video for DirecTV in which he donned a goofy wig and silly stage clothes. It's a ridiculous look, yet somehow, he actually pulls it off. If only his real hair was long and luxurious enough to run your fingers through.

Number 9: He makes the most of his limitations

No, Peyton is unlikely to appear on Dancing With the Stars anytime soon. But rather than shying away from demonstrating his footwork on Saturday Night Live, he embraced his lack of funkiness in a way that was capable of making Julia Louis-Dreyfuss on Seinfeld jealous -- and giving dance-challenged men like him a jolt of admiration (and maybe a little something more).

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