Manning crushes: Ten reasons straight men might go gay for Peyton Manning

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Number 8: He doesn't talk about his feelings -- but he doesn't hide them, either....

Although Peyton has spent much of this season dealing with an injured ankle, has he wasted a lot of time whining about it? Hell, no! But his emotions are still easy to read, thanks to an extremely expressive visage, alternately known as the "Peyton Face" or the "Manning Face," that lets folks know exactly what he's thinking. You can bet lots of guys would prefer to get info about their mate that way, rather than actually have to talk with them.

Number 7: ....and when he shows his sensitivity, he does it in a manly way

Peyton Haters -- and yes, this species definitely exists -- ripped on him for getting a little verklempt when saying goodbye to the Indianapolis Colts, where he'd spent his entire professional career prior to joining the Broncos. But if a man must become tearful, shouldn't it be about leaving behind a group of guys who meant a lot to him? And isn't that kinda sexy?

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