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Marcus Covington allegedly gropes pregnant woman before JetBlue flight diverted

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Most of us have been on flights when one of our fellow passengers kinda creeped us out.

But if the accusations made against Marcus Covington are accurate, he cemented himself in the minds of those on a diverted JetBlue flight in a singularly repulsive way -- by, among other things, allegedly feeling up a pregnant woman waiting to use the restroom.

On August 19, according to the document, Covington was among about 150 passengers on JetBlue Flight 677 bound from JFK International Airport in New York to Los Angeles International. And witnesses say he wasn't just intoxicated, but aggressively so, coming up to their seats and telling them things that "did not make sense."

The unlucky folks whose tickets placed them next to Covington asked that he be reseated, but that didn't exactly end the weirdness. During the flight, he was waiting to use the forward lavatory behind a 27-year-old pregnant woman referred to in the affidavit as A.P. At one point, its narrative claims he swung around to face her, then "ran his hands up the front of her body, going from her crotch to her breasts."

That description not specific enough for you? Then try this on for size: "He started with the back of his hands, but turned his hands with his palms facing her as he ran his hands over her breasts."

A.P. reacted to this shocking violation of her person, which is said to have been seen by at least one other passenger, by pushing away from Covington and putting a flight attendant between her and him. Then she belatedly entered the lavatory, where she cried for five minutes.

Afterward, a flight attendant asked Covington if he would stay in his seat, as he was making others around him nervous. He reportedly replied, "No bounce," whatever the hell that means -- but the flight attendant interpreted it as a negatory.

Fortunately, an FBI special agent just happened to be on the flight, and after consulting with the crew, he recommended that the pilot change the plane's flight plans so that it could land at the nearest facility, Denver International Airport. He also sat by Covington to make sure he didn't cause any more trouble, assisted by a passenger who saw him "take at least eight pills of an unidentified substance during the final portion of the flight."

Perhaps this medication inspired his reaction when Denver Police officers arrived to deal with him. He's said to have spit at them, kicked in their direction and threatened to kill them.

Covington has been charged with interference with flight crew members and attendants, which carries a possible penalty of twenty years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine. Meanwhile, the people who shared Flight 677 with him have already been sentenced to a memory that will likely come back every time they take to the air for the rest of their lives.

Here's a 9News report about the incident, featuring video taken by Yoram Kohanzadeh, followed by the aforementioned criminal complaint and arrest affidavit.

Marcus Covington Criminal Complaint

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