Marijuana Advocates Get Into the Holiday Gift (and Video) Spirit

Regular readers of The Latest Word know that Laura Kriho of the Cannabis Therapy Institute and activist Kathleen Chippi are two of the area's most vocal and passionate marijuana loyalists. Now, with the holidays approaching, they're offering a new angle on their advocacy -- Kriho via a wide range of gifts Colorado's legalization of cannabis and Chippi by way of a "public-service announcement" that reveals treatments available for those who suffer from the scourge of low THC. See the video and more below.

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CTI is behind Colorado Rocky Mountain High, which offers a wide variety of merchandise celebrating the theory that "it's always 4:20 in Colorado." Examples include clocks....

...cocktail shakers.... golf balls.... ...and much more. For additional information about many more items, including price and shipping details, click here.

In addition, the CTI-affiliated Cannabis Hemp Academy is offering a two-for-one holiday special: Buy one full-price certification program and get another enrollment free. Details about that offer can be found here.

As for the low-THC public-service announcement, it features Chippi's incredibly rapid narration of information like this: "The use of cannabis for Low THC may cause immediate relief, including: a general feeling of well-being, chronic smiling or laughing, feelings of euphoria, increased creativity or clarity, a greater appreciation for music and art, the desire to dance, increased feelings of inspiration, compassion or unity, a need for truth and justice or you may wake feeling more well-rested than usual."

A dose of Chippi's good-humored message can be found in the video below.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.