Marijuana: Colorado Democratic Party convention supports Amendment 64

Update below: Last month, a majority of attendees at the Denver Republican Assembly backed Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act. And enthusiasm is even more widespread among Democrats. Saturday's Dem state convention and assembly in Pueblo formally supported Amendment 64 -- an action that proves to proponent Mason Tvert that the measure has growing appeal across party lines.

"While there may be more support among Democrats and independents, this is quickly becoming a popular position," Tvert says. "Supporting an end to marijuana prohibition and regulating marijuana like alcohol is a position that spans the political and ideological spectrum."

This view is echoed by Cindy Lowery-Graber, chair of the Denver Democratic Party. In a statement, she argues that "this is a mainstream issue. Polls show that more than 60 percent of Democrats and a solid majority of independents believe marijuana should be treated like alcohol. A broad coalition is forming in support of Amendment 64 and I am proud to say that it now includes the Colorado Democratic Party."

Indeed, fifteen counties, including eight of the ten largest, have adopted resolutions supporting the regulation of marijuana like alcohol. They are: El Paso, Denver, Jefferson, Larimer, Boulder, Douglas, Weld, Pueblo, Garfield, Eagle, La Plata, Delta, Routt, Elbert and Pitkin.

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In the meantime, what's been the response to the pro-marijuana-regulation billboard recently erected near Sports Authority Field at Mile High? "Incredibly positive," Tvert maintains. "It's sparked a lot of conversation, which was the purpose. We saw it quickly spread on the Internet, and we also encouraged people to take action and share the billboard with friends and family, to start a discussion about marijuana and why it makes sense to end marijuana prohibition. These are the kinds of discussions that will result in more support for regulating marijuana like alcohol, and we'll be continuing to foster them."

Will more Democrats -- including big name politicians serving in major offices -- begin to add their voices to that of the party as a whole, and perhaps even appear in TV or radio spots to boost Amendment 64? "That remains to be seen," Tvery allows. "But we're seeing more and more individuals and organizations coming out in support of the initiative, and we expect that to continue."

Update, 1:56 p.m. April 16: Just received a call from Matt Inzeo, communications director for the Colorado Democratic Party, and he says the claim that the CDP has endorsed Amendment 64 is technically inaccurate despite the actions in Pueblo this weekend.

According to Inzeo, a formal endorsement can only come from the state central committee, not the state convention and assembly. As such, the votes that took place over the weekend "indicate support, but not an endorsement," he says.

In other words, this is a matter of semantics. With that in mind, variations on the word "endorse" that appeared in this item's headline and text have been changed to "support."

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