Marijuana: DEA rescheduling-of-pot idea as Amendment 64 fix hits mainstream

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In fact, Colorado formally asked the Obama administration to make this move in December 2011.

No question that treating cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic is absurd on its face. This designation holds that marijuana has no known medical use, yet the feds continues to more or less tolerate medical marijuana laws (currently approved in eighteen states and the District of Columbia). Additionally, the scheduling suggests that cannabis is more dangerous than Schedule II drugs such as cocaine and opium -- an argument that DEA boss Michele Leonhart looked like an ass making amid questioning by Colorado Representative Jared Polis during a Congressional hearing in June. Here's that video:

As such, it was only a matter of time before we'd see pieces such as Dylan Matthews' Washington Post blog item "The White House can decriminalize medical marijuana in one easy step" and last night's MSNBC feature by Klein, which includes a clip of John Hickenlooper equating the requirement to help enact an amendment he actively opposed to being the governor of a state "that has terrible forest fires."

Also highlighted: footage of pot smokers burning a different kind of trees on the steps of the State Capitol.

In Colorado, though, the notion of rescheduling marijuana as at least a partial out for Obama is not only venerable, but it's enshrined in law.

Continue for more about the concept of rescheduling marijuana, including another video and documents such as the complete DEA controlled substances list and Colorado's rescheduling request to the federal government.
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