Marijuana: Denver 4/20 festival argues Civic Center Park is its home, so smoking is allowed

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Corry, who was himself cited for public pot smoking at Coors Field last September, notes in the letter that he was among those who helped draft Amendment 64, the measure that allows adults 21 and over to use and possess small amounts of marijuana. As such, he argues that those behind the law intended to promote "the efficient use of law enforcement resources," as well as "individual freedom," when it comes to cannabis.

He then quotes a passage from the amendment establishing that any entity that "occupies, owns or controls a property" has the right to regulate marijuana use there as a way of underscoring the maxim, "A man's home is his castle." And, he adds, "On 4/20, Denver's Civic Center Park is our 'Castle.'"

The letter adds: "As the permit holder for Civic Center Park on April 19-20, 2014, and consequently the entity that 'occupies or controls' this property, my clients and I respectfully advise the City and County of Denver that we will be 'otherwise regulating' the 'possession, consumption, use, display, transfer, distribution, sale, transportation, or growing of marijuana' by permitting the 'possession,' 'consumption,' 'use,' 'display,' 'transfer,' 'distribution,' and 'transportation' of marijuana by adults age 21+, and by 'prohibiting' the 'sale' and 'growing' of marijuana in the permitted area of Civic Center Park on April 19-20, 2014 during the permitted periods for the Annual 420 Rally."

Is this assertion simply a political chess move meant to stave off a crackdown or a legally plausible position? Continue for more about the possibility of citations at this year's 4/20 rally, including the complete Rob Corry letter.
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