Marijuana: Eighteen Denver stores and other Colorado spots that could sell pot January 1

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The Denver

Department of Excise and Licenses just updated its list of stores
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now fully licensed to sell recreational marijuana on January 1 -- although there's no guarantee that all eighteen will be open tomorrow. Although the lion's share of the retail applicants are in Denver, 25 more municipalities have been hurrying to issue local licenses to businesses in their jurisdictions that have already gotten the okay from the state. Current estimates have at least thirty stores around the state ready to sell on January 1.

Update: Below, see items for all eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1, complete with photos, links and excerpts from those critiqued by marijuana reviewer William Breathes. They're followed by the rest of this original post:

Number 18: The Clinic Colorado

3888 East Mexico Avenue Denver, CO 80210

To visit The Clinic Colorado Facebook page, click here.

Number 17: Mile High Medical Cannabis

1705 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80204

An excerpt from our January 17 post headlined "Patriots fans in Denver for game scoring plenty of legal pot:" "No matter how the AFC Championship game between Denver and New England turns out, the Broncos playoff run will turn out well for Justin Staley. Why? Staley's an owner of Mile High Medical Cannabis, whose location, at 1705 Federal Boulevard, is only steps away from Mile High Stadium. Last week, plenty of San Diego Chargers fans in town for their match-up stopped by the shop to take advantage of legal recreational pot sales -- something that presumably helped them deal with a 24-17 loss -- and visiting Patriots boosters are following suit."

Number 16: Denco Alternative Medicine

3460 Park Ave West Denver, CO 80216

To visit the Denco Alternative Medicine Facebook page, click here.

Continue to count down the eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1. Number 15: The Health Center

1736 North Downing Street Denver, CO 80218

An excerpt from William Breathes's July 2012 review: "Inside, what was either a mud room or the kitchen has been turned into the small patient intake area. There's really not much to the space other than the purple walls and window into the receptionist area, but take a second to check out the old pictures of the building hanging in a frame on the wall near the door. At one time, it looked more like a crack house than the oversized dollhouse it resembles today."

Number 14: 3D Cannabis Center/3D

4305 North Brighton Boulevard Denver, CO 80216

An excerpt from William Breathes's August 2011 review: "Denver's Discreet Dispensary is anything but discreet. Though the huge, old, brown-brick industrial building it occupies off Brighton Boulevard does blend in with the warehouses, auto body shops and junkyards that surround it, the huge green crosses on the front and the smell of skunk in the air from the grow-room vents are a dead giveaway as to what is going on inside."

Number 13: Kindman 4125 North Elati Street Denver, CO 80216

An excerpt from William Breathes's March 2013 review: "Something kept me there: It's a tossup as to whether it was the skunky smell or the fact that I didn't have time to go anywhere else this week. Either way, I sat around in the county-jail-waiting-room-like entryway until the extremely bubbly and friendly woman behind the tinted glass security window buzzed the door open and told me to go on back."

Continue to count down the eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1. Number 12: CitiMed

1640 East Evans Avenue Denver, CO 80210

An excerpt from William Breathes's October 2012 review: "The location means the store is likely to get a lot of student walk-in traffic. At least that's the impression I got after seeing the DU swag hung up on the waiting room walls -- plus I went there a few times when I was in grad school and needed a gram or two for the evening. I never found anything amazing, but neither did I ever walk out empty-handed."

Number 11: The Healing House Denver

2383 South Downing Street Denver, CO 80210

Click to visit The Healing House Denver Facebook page.

Number 10: The Green Solution

4400 Grape Street Denver, CO 80216

To visit The Green Solution website, click here.

Continue to count down the eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1. Number 9: The Green Solution

2601 West Alameda Avenue Denver, CO 80219

To visit The Green Solution website, click here.

Number 8: Denver Kush Club

2615 Welton Street Denver, CO 80205

An excerpt from William Breathes's April 2102 review: "It's probably not a place for your hip-hop-hating dad with a red card, but it feels perfectly at home in the heart of a diverse neighborhood populated by everyone from black families who have been in the area for generations to hippies and, lately, twenty-something hipsters and musicians."

Number 7: Evergreen Apothecary

1568 South Broadway Denver, CO 80210

An excerpt from William Breathes's July 2012 review: "The bud-bar room is much smaller in comparison to the rest of the shop. Hip-high glass counters with edibles, concentrates and more glass pipes surround you. Bud is kept in large jars on green bookcases behind the counters, with different shelves denoting the various price ranges. The jars also are color-coded for price, but I found it easier to just ask how much each strain was selling for as I looked at it."

Continue to count down the eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1. Number 6: Medicine Man Denver

4750 North Nome Street Denver, CO 80239

An excerpt from William Breathes's May 2012 review: "The shop is located north of I-70 in a warehouse district of Montbello -- about as far northeast as you can go in town and still find a medical marijuana shop. The center is nice, though, with large old trees on the lawns of nearby industrial buildings. Aside from the green "Medicine Man" sign out front, and the neon green cross in the barred front windows, it's not a very obvious dispensary site."

Number 5: Lodo Wellness Center

1617 Wazee Street Denver, CO 80202

An excerpt from William Breathes's October 2013 review: "The dispensary is down a steep flight of stairs from the sidewalk to the basement of the building. The dispensary takes up the entire floor, tucking patient lounges in between massive structural columns and pushing couches up against the massive painted bricks used for the foundation of the former paper mill. Much like Boulder Wellness in Boulder, the shop has gone for an Eastern Buddhist/Zen theme with low painted chairs, squatting Buddha statues and colorful framed posters with vaguely Hindu symbols. There was also a huge, seven-foot-tall antique-looking ceramic vase painted with what looked like a life-sized crane. In my head, I could see a massive cannabis tree fitting in perfectly."

Number 4: DANK Colorado

3835 North Elm Street Denver, CO 80207

An excerpt from William Breathes's July 2012 review: "DANK is basically a 400 square-foot green box with a matching leather couch and chairs set up in one corner as a lounge, and a cutout window in the opposite wall that opens into the employee-only bud room. Small, hinge-top sample jars with a few buds each are kept out on display on the counter. To the left of the bud counter is a small glass case filled with inexpensive pipes, papers and assorted marijuana ephemera."

Continue to count down the eighteen recreational marijuana stores licensed by the City of Denver as of January 1. Number 3: The Shelter

4095 North Jackson Street Denver, CO 80216

The Shelter is a Strainwise center. To visit the Strainwise website, click here.

Number 2: The Haven

777 North Canosa Court Denver, CO 80204

The Haven is also Strainwise shop. To visit the Strainwise website, click here.

Number 1: The Grove

74 Federal Boulevard Denver, CO 80219

The Grove, at the former location of Earth's Medicine, is yet another Strainwise store. To visit the Strainwise website, click here.

Continue to see the rest of the original post. Stores now fully licensed in Denver, Colorado: 3D Cannabis Center, 4305 Brighton Boulevard Citi-Med, 1640 East Evans Avenue The Clinic Colorado, 3888 East Mexico Avenue Dank Colorado, 3835 Elm Street Denco, 3460 Park Avenue West Denver Kush Club, 2615 Welton Street Evergreen Apothecary, 1568 South Broadway The Green Solution, 2601 West Alameda Avenue The Green Solution, 4400 Grape Street The Grove, 74 Federal Boulevard The Haven, 777 Canosa Court The Healing House Denver, 2383 South Downing Street The Health Center, 1736 Downing Street Kindman, 4125 Elati Street LoDo Wellness, 1617 Wazee Street Medicine Man Denver, 4750 Nome Street Mile High Medical Cannabis, 1705 Federal Boulevard The Shelter, 4095 Jackson Street

In addition to Denver, the following towns/cities are allowing the sale of recreational marijuana: Alma Aspen Breckenridge Carbondale Central City Edgewater Empire Frisco Garden City Georgetown Idaho Springs Leadville Nederland Northglenn Silverthorne Steamboat Springs Telluride

The following counties also allow for the sale of recreational marijuana -- excluding towns/cities within their borders that have banned such sales. Chaffee County Clear Creek County Garfield County Gilpin County Larimer County Park County Pitkin County Pueblo County San Miguel County

These stores outside of Denver should also be open on January 1: Annie's in Central City Botanacare in Northglenn Breckenridge Cannabis Club in Breckenridge The Greener Side in Pueblo The Kine Mine in Idaho Springs Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo West Northern Lights Cannabis Company in Edgewater

We'll update this list as we get news of more licenses being issued. Know of other retail stores opening -- and when? Post the information in the comments section below.

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