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The rules also discuss the "seed to sale" system, which uses RFID technology to track plants up until the point of sale (sections M103 and M309). Here are some definitions:

"MITS" means Marijuana Inventory Tracking Solution.

"MITS Trained Administrator" means an owner or an occupationally licensed employee of a medical marijuana business who has attended and successfully completed MITS training and who has completed any additional training required by the MED.

"MITS User" means an owner or an occupationally licensed medical marijuana business employee who is granted MITS user account access for the purposes of conducting inventory tracking functions in the MITS system; who has been successfully trained by MITS Trained Administrators in the proper and lawful use MITS; and who has completed any additional training required by the MED.

The draft also creates new terms for retail marijuana and retail marijuana products, although many are lifted word-for-word from medical marijuana rules.

The draft clarifies the application process for all-things medical. Most of it looks similar to before, but the new draft seems to clarify who counts as an owner with regard to financials (section M204). More importantly, change of ownership rules that had been an issue in the past, as the state initially worked to license shops, are more delineated.

Also laid out are the application fees (section M207):

• Type one center with up to 300 patients: $7,500 new license/$3,750 renewal

• Type two center with up to 500 patients: $12,500 new license /$8,750 renewal

• Type three center with more than 500 patients: $18,000 new license /$14,000 renewal

• Infused product manufacturer (edibles): $1,250

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