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Some parts of the rules seem to be about housekeeping -- maintaining pace with the change in roles for the enforcement division from solely medical marijuana to recreational cannabis as well. The rules outline how dispensaries can switch over to recreational sales (section M211) as well as what their fees will be.

All applicants for recreational outlets will be fingerprinted and background-checked, and there is language requiring that all applications be available to law enforcement upon request -- just in case you forgot that you were operating in a legal gray area.

People convicted of controlled substance felonies in the past will not be able to apply for ownership, ever (at least, as of right now). People with all other felonies can apply five years after the fact.

That said, controlled substance felons can apply to be support staff -- including management positions, it seems -- so long as the charges were "based on possession or use of marijuana or marijuana concentrate" that "would not be a felony if the employee were convicted of the offense on the date he or she applied for a license." It also clarifies who needs to be licensed with the MED and who is okay to work with just a visitor's badge (section M233).

A few more points:

Residency requirements seem to stay about the same -- section M232

Shared medical and retail marijuana establishments -- section M-304

• Have to maintain a "physical or virtual separation of the facilities, marijuana plants and marijuana inventory." That means both the dispensary and the grow operation.

• Eighteen-year-old medical patients can't be in retail stores that also sell medical cannabis.

Continue for more about new recreational and medial marijuana draft rules.
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