Marijuana: Inside recreational and medical draft rules

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• Details what needs to be recorded.

• Cites required equipment.

• Notes that every recording needs to be kept for at least forty days.

• "Surveillance recordings and color still photos must be made available to the state and relevant local licensing authorities or any local law enforcement agency acting on behalf of the local licensing authority, upon request and without unreasonable delay."

70/30 RULE -- section M403

• 30 percent is calculated annually from January 1 to December 31.

OPC Health regulations -- section M504

• Workers have to wash hands and can't work around plants if they are sick.

• Grows have to be free of "pests."

• The text also mentions icewater concentrate production as part of an OPC and requires all concentrates to follow the same sanitary requirements for edibles.

• All other concentrates will have to be produced "in a facility licensed to manufacture."

• Lists chemicals and substances banned from grows (and it is a long list).

Packaging -- section M1001

• MMJ has to be in a childproof container.

• Labels have to contain all chemical additives used in cultivation and concentrates must be labeled with the solvent used to extract them (section M1003).

• Edibles have to be labeled for any allergies as well as list expiration and refrigeration.

Continue to view the entire 100-plus page document containing all of the proposed rule changes.

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