Marijuana: Tamra Ward, repping employers on task force, says there's no "conflict of interest"

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"I think the executive order is very clear with regard to our responsibility here -- and that's focusing on the implementation of the law," Ward said. "I understand that. That's my responsibility and I'm here to represent employers in the process."

But does she hope the federal government does clamp down?

"I think that the intent of the letter was looking for clarity around the issue," she replied. "Like anything that's new, we're looking for some clarity. But I clearly understand my role and responsibility play an active role in creating the framework to implement Amendment 64 in Colorado."

So does she think there's any conflict of interest?

"No, I don't. I think everyone around this table comes up with their own expectations and background on the issue and we set those aside to sit at this table," she told us.

At the meeting, Ward handed out a lengthy memo from Colorado Concern regarding a wide range of questions that business groups have about the implementation of Amendment 64, including workplace rules, federal contracts, drug testing, workers' compensation and more.

Here's the full memo from Colorado Concern. Amendment 64 Business Question List

Continue for the original letter Ward signed and the complaint from Mark Slaugh.

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